David Jerry.
16th January 1747
Reference Numbert17470116-36
VerdictNot Guilty

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114. David Jerry was indicted for stealing four Handkerchiefs, one of Muslin, and three of Linen, one Silver Ring washed with Gold, the Goods of Mary Robinson , and one Silk Knot, one Pair of Mittings, &c. the Goods of Susannah Needham .

John Bosell . About seven o'Clock at Night last Monday was Se'nnight, one Mr Bushy came with this Man, the Prisoner, and asked me if I had any Vessels going to the Nore , I said none to Night, but should To-morrow; says Mr Bushy , can this Man lie here to Night; I said to serve him he should. This Man was to go down in a pressed Man's Room for so much Money; so I ordered my Wife or Servants to make a Bed in a proper Place for him, and I believe,

if I had not been at Home, he would have stripped my House from the Top to the Bottom.

Susannah Needham . The Maid and I went up to prepare a Bed for the Prisoner; the next Morning when we went to make the Bed, we missed the Things.

Q. What did you lose?

Needham . I lost a Pair of Cotton Mittings, and a Silver Topknot, and a Silk one.

Q. Where did you put these Knots?

Needham . They were in the Chest of Drawers in a brown Silk Bag.

Q. Was the Drawers locked?

Needham . No, Sir.

Q. How do you know the Prisoner took them?

Needham . Because there was no Soul went into the Room till the Time the Maid went up to make the Bed.

Q. Have you found any thing of them since?

Needham . Yes, we found one Garter of the Maid's upon his Legs; my two Knots and my Mittings I saw over Night.

Court. Then none of your Things have been found?

Needham . No, Sir.

Mary Robinson . What did you lose?

Robinson . Four Handkerchiefs, and a white Muslin Apron.

Q. What was your Handkerchiefs?

Robinson. One Muslin and three Linnen ones.

Q. What else?

Robinson . A Ring, a Silver Ring washed over with Gold.

Q. What else?

Robinson . Nothing else but a Garter, he took one and left one.

Q. What was the Garter, was there a Poesy upon it?

Robinson. Yes, Sir.

Q. Where were all these Things?

Robinson. In my Box .

Q. When did you see these Things?

Robinson. That Night we went up to make the Bed.

Q. Have you found them since?

Robinson. Only my Garter.

Q. Where was he when you found the Garter upon him?

Robinson . He was at Mr Smith's House.

The Prosecutor said he found a Pistol upon the Prisoner, but the Prisoner said, as he was coming to Town, he was set upon by some Rustians, and he knocked the Pistol out of one of their Hands. As there was nothing found upon the Prisoner but the Garter, he was acquitted .

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