Richard Clay.
5th December 1746
Reference Numbert17461205-1
VerdictGuilty > lesser offence

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1. + Richard Clay was indicted for breaking open, and entring (about One in the Night the 16th of May) the Dwelling house of Francis Wilson of Whitechapel , and stealing from thence one Gun, five Pewter Plates, value 6 s. three Copper Saucepans, a Tea Kittle, value 8 s. a Duffil Coat, value 2 s. one Pair of Leather Shoes, two Horse-whips, one Looking-glass, &c. the Goods of Francis Wilson ; three Guns, value 40 s. and three Bayonets, the Goods of Edward Chester : two Camblet Coats, the Goods of Samuel Martin ; one Box-Iron, the Property of Mrs Ellis ; one Great Coat and Horse-whip , the Goods of

Q. To Francis Wilson . Do you know Richard Clay ?

Wilson. No, my Lord.

Q. What have you to say against him?

Wilson. My Lord, my House was broke open.

Q. Where is your House?

Wilson. In White-chapel, at the Green Man opposite the Hay market.

Q. What Business are you?

Wilson. I keep a Livery-Stable .

Q. What part of your House was broke open?

Wilson. The lower Part - the Kitchen.

Q. When was it broken open?

Wilson. The 16th of May, between 12 and 5 in the Morning, they broke one of the Bolts with a Chisel, or something like it.

Q. Did you apprehend any Body got in at the Window?

Wilson. Yes, they strained it till they got it quite open.

Q. What did you lose?

Wilson. Four Guns, four Great-coats, two Camblet Coats.

Q. How many did you lose of your own?

Wilson. One Coat and one Gun, five Pewter Dishes, two Plates, three Saucepans, and a Tea-kittle and Box-iron, four Pair of Boots, and two Whips and a Looking glass, one of the Guns was my own, and the other three belonged to Edward Chester , who is my Landlord.

Q. What did he lose besides?

Wilson. Three swords and a Bayonet, and there was a Great coat and Horse-whip of Mr. Lloyd's, and two Great coats of Mr Martin's.

Q. Did Mrs Ellis lose any thing?

Wilson. She lost a Box iron, and nothing more.

Q. What were Mr. Martin's Coats?

Wilson. Two Great-coats made of Camblet.

Q. to the Prisoner. Will you ask the Witness any Questions?

Prisoner. I never was near the House in my Life.

Q. to Joshua Collet . Do you know the Prisoner?

Collet. Yes, he was with me to commit the Robbery, and break open the House.

Q. What did you do?

Collet. We broke the Shutter open.

Q. Who broke it open?

Collet. Clay and I together.

Q. Who went in?

Collet. Clay went in at the Window, between 12 and 2 in the Morning.

Q. How do you know the Hour?

Collet Because the Watchman went by past 12.

Q. When was it?

Collet. The 16th of May.

Q. How do you know the Day?

Collet. Mr. Wilson told me the Day when he came to me.

Q. What did you take from thence?

Collet. We took out four Guns, and Swords, and Bayonets.

Q. How many Swords?

Collet. Either three or four I cannot say which, and four Coats, and Pewter, and Brass, and Box iron, Shoes, a Pair of Boots, and Whip.

Q. What did you do with them?

Collet. Sold them the next Morning to Mr Buckland, at the Rising-Sun.

Q. Where is Buckland, is he here?

Collet. No, my Lord.

Q. Where does he live?

Collet. In Long lane, at the Rising Sun, he keeps an old Clothes Shop.

Q. What did you sell all these things for?

Collet. For six Guineas.

Q. What became of the Money?

Collet. We shared it among us, Clay and I, and Robert Lake, who was tried the last Sessions.

Q. Did you share it equally?

Collet. Yes.

Q. Had you no Quarrel with this Man?

Collet. No.

Q. What Business did you follow at the Time you went upon this wicked Employment? How came you to go into it?

Collet. Clay was confined in Newgate for an Assault, and came-out last April, and came and persuaded me to go with him and Mecum, who was cast the last Sessions.

To the Prisoner. Will you ask the Witness any Questions?

Prisoner. I have no Question to ask him; I know nothing of it.

Q. to the Prisoner. What have you to say for yourself?

Prisoner. I never went a thieving in my Life.

Q. Have you any Witnesses.

Prisoner. I have none.

Guilty of the Felony 39 s. but acquitted of the Burglary .

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