Robert Radwell, Theft > animal theft, 15th October 1746.

Reference Number: t17461015-11
Offence: Theft > animal theft
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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344. Robert Radwell was indicted for stealing one Gelding, of a black Colour , the Property of John Arnold , Esq ;

Q. (to Henry Morgan ) What have you to alledge against the Prisoner, with respect to the Fact for which he stands charg'd?

Morgan. This was a black Horse belonging to the Train of Artillery, the Property of John Arnold , Esq; Robert Rodwell rode the Horse from Scotland to Kicksend .

Q. Did you belong to the Train of Artillery?

Morgan. I did .

Q. In what Capacity was the Prisoner at the Bar ? Did he belong to the Train of Artillery ?

Morgan. Yes; he overtook us at Mansell, and came to Kicksend . Mr. Arnold furnish'd all the Horses belonging to the Artillery.

Q. Well, what have you further to say?

Morgan. Then he came along with us as far as Kicksend .

Q. (to John Rose ) What is it that you know of this Matter ? or what have you to say against the Prisoner?

Rose. On the 16th Day of June, at Kicksend, I put the Saddle and Bridle upon that Horse he rode; he rode from Kicksend to Barnet . He went on Sunday to see his Brother; we left him at Highgate .

Q. Was the Horse deliver'd to the Prisoner?

Rose. Yes, my Lord, by the Conductor's Orders.

Q. (to the Prisoner) Will you have the Witness ask'd any Questions?

Prisoner. No more, than that he knows I behav'd very well.

Q. (to the Witness) How did he behave?

Rose. He behav'd well.

Court. We'll ask the same Question to Morgan; How did he behave all the Time upon the Road.

Morgan. I have nothing to say against his Behaviour .

Q. (to John Dean ) Where do you live?

Dean. At Barnet , my Lord I bought a black Gelding that belong'd to Mr. Arnold.

Q. On what Day?

Dean. On the 7th of August.

Q. What did you give the Prisoner for the Horse?

Dean. I was to give him forty-five Shillings at Whetstone .

Q. Did the Prisoner offer him to sale.

Dean. I heard of him, and I call'd upon him at Whetstone ; I gave him Sixpence Earnest. He told me he bought it of one Mr. Clark, Mr. Arnold's Conductor; I said I would have it toll'd, and there was a drunken Fellow to vouch it; he said he saw the Prisoner buy it at Smithfield; which was so contrary a Story to what the Prisoner had told, that he had bought it of one of Mr. Arnold's Conductors, that we took him up upon it.

Q. (to the Prisoner.) Would you have this Gentleman asked any Question?

Prisoner. I have no Question to ask, any further than that I sold the Horse to him .

Q. ( to the Prisoner .) What have you to say for yourself ?

Prisoner. I was along with the Train of Artillery three Quarters of a Year, when the great Troubles happened, but I never was in such a thing before in my Life .

Guilty , Death .

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