Samuel Mecum.
15th October 1746
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331. Samuel Mecum was indicted, for that he, together with Richard Clay and John Matthews , about One o'Clock in the Night, into the Dwelling-House of John Hillier of Whitechapel , did break and enter, and steal one Cotton Gown, two Linnen Shirts, two Women's Linnen Caps, one Pair of Worstead Stockings, two Pewter Dishes, six Pewter Plates, one Gun, &c. the Goods and Chattels of John Hillier ; and a Long Lawn Apron, one Copper Pot, &c. of certain Persons unknown .

Q. (to John Hillier ) What have you to say against the Prisoner at the Bar?

Hillier . I never saw him in my Life before?

Q. Are you a House-keeper?

Hillier. Yes, Sir, I live in Whitechapel ; my House was broke open the 7th of July .

Q. In what Manner was it broke open?

Hillier. By a Pin taken out of the Window , and a Pain of Glass was taken out; it was on the Ground-Floor.

Q. Was you up?

Hillier. The Watchman called me up at Two o'Clock.

Q. What Things did you lose?

Hillier. I lost several Things; in the first Place I lost a Gun, two Pewter Dishes, six Plates, one Shirt, &c.

Q. Have you any of those Things again?

Hillier. Only the Gun, my Lord.

Q. Pray where were all these Things?

Hillier. In the Kitchen.

Q. Are you sure the Shutter was fastened at Night?

Hillier. Yes, I am positive of it; I saw it fastened myself.

Q. How came you by your Gun again?

Hillier. A Neighbour of mine, whose House was broke open about a Month after mine, was speaking to me on Saturday Night, that there was a Person taken up, and in New Prison, for a Robbery; I said I would go with him the next Morning, to see if he would confess any Thing; so when we went there, there was one Collet that confessed , that the Gun was in Chancery-Lane .

Q. When was the Gun brought to you?

Hillier. I believe about the 14th of September.

[The Gun was produced in Court.]

Q. ( to Joshua Collet ) Do you know the Prisoner at the Bar?

Collet. Yes, Sir.

Q. What have you to say against him with Respect to the Fact he stands charged with.

Collet. My Lord, he was concern'd with me in robbing Mr. Hillier's House.

Q. When was it that you robb'd Mr. Hillier's House?

Collet. The 6th of June .

Q. Where does Mr. Hillier live?

Collet . In Whitechapel Road, at the Royal Oak.

Q. What Time was it ?

Collet . Between Twelve and Two in the Night.

Q. Was any body else concern'd with you in this Robbery?

Collet. Yes, Richard Clay and John Matthews .

Q. In what Manner was it that you got into the House?

Collet. The Shutter was shut and key'd, and we turn'd the Pin round and the Key dropt out.

Q. What then?

Collet. Then the Lead Work of the Casement was cut away, and the Glass took out, so we got in at the Window.

Q. When you got in, what did you do?

Collet . We took a Gun (a Fowling Piece) and the Brass, and Pewter Plates and Dishes, &c.

Q. What else did you do?

Collet. A pretty deal of Linnen, Shirts and Aprons. These Things were sold by Matthews at Whitechapel, all except the Gun, which Mecum and I disputed who should have it, so we hustled in the Hat for it, and he won it.

Q. How came you and Mecum to toss up for the Gun when Matthews and Clay were concern'd?

Collet. We allow'd them some Money.

Q. Who made the Discovery of this Robbery?

Collet. I made the Discovery the 17th of September.

Q. Did you at any Time see Mr. Hillier ?

Collet. Yes, in New Prison.

Q. How came he by the Gun again?

Collet. They went to Mecum's House, and search'd and found it.

Q. (to Body) Have you any thing to say against the Prisoner at the Bar?

Body. I have nothing to say, but Archer made himself an Evidence; we search'd Mecum's House, and he made a most desperate Resistance .

Q. Do you know of this Gun ?

Body. Yes, this Gun was in his House; it was cramm'd into the Vault; it dawb'd me as I carried it along. Harris and I found it.

Q. (to the Prisoner.) Would you ask him any Question?

Prisoner. Please to ask him, my Lord, which of the Persons I made Resistance to; because I know the Person that took the Gun went to knock me down.

Q. (to the Prisoner.) Now what is it that you have to say in your Defence?

Prisoner . I must lay myself at your Mercy: Mr. Body was Evidence against me last Sessions.

Guilty , Death .

This Mecum has been a very notorious Robber and House-Breaker; he was found Guilty of two Indictments last Sessions, and received Sentence for Transportation .

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