Edward Lowry.
3rd September 1746
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318. Edward Lowry was indicted for bringing into the Gaol of Newgate several Spring Saws, and other Things, to facilitate the Escape of several Prisoners under Conviction of Transportation .

At the Delivery of the Gaol of Newgate, on Thursday the 15th of May, one William Burn was indicted for feloniously stealing one Piece of Cloth, &c. and the Indictment further sets forth, at the same Sessions, that one by the Name of Catherine Lowry was also indicted, try'd, and convicted, for stealing divers Parts of the Goods with the other Prisoner, Burn; she having been so try'd and convicted, on the 10th Day of August last the Prisoner at the Bar did feloniously convey, or cause to be convey'd, into the said Gaol of Newgate, four Spring Saws, a Spring Bow, and Files, to the said Catherine Lowry , did deliver, with an Intent to aid and assist the said Catherine to make her Escape.

Council. Please your Lordship, and Gentlemen of the Jury; the Effect of this Indictment you are to try against the Prisoner at the Bar: That one Catherine Lowry being convicted of Felony, and Prisoner in the Gaol of Newgate, on the 10th Day of August last the Prisoner at the Bar convey'd into the said Gaol of Newgate four Spring Saws, a Spring Bow; these Saws and Files; proper Instruments to facilitate the Escape of the Prisoners of Newgate. The Indictment further relates, that he deliver'd them to a Prisoner in the Gaol, Catherine Lowry . As this is the Indictment, it will rely upon us to make out the Fact; if we do, you will find it by an Act of Parliament of the 16th of has present Majesty made Felony: When we have made out this Fact in the Indictment, consequently by this Act of Parliament the Prisoner is guilty of Felony. We shall produce, in the first Place, the Conviction of Catherine Lowry , Prisoner, to whom he deliver'd the Things; then shew you, in Pursuance of that, Conviction, that she was remaining in Newgate the 10th Day of August, and upon that 10th of August did Edward Lowry convey these Saws, Files, &c. into the Gaol of Newgate, to facilitate the Escape of the Prisoners.

Q. (to Richard Akerman .) What is your Office?

Akerman. The Keeper of Newgate.

Q. Do you know any thing of one Catherine Lowry in your Custody?

Akerman. She was transported last Saturday; she was detain'd as an Accessory to a Felony.

Q. Was she detain'd the 10th of August.

Akerman. Yes.

Q. Did you see any Thing of Files and Saws, &c.

Akerman. I threaten'd them when I heard of Attempts to break the Gaol open, upon which Catherine Lowry produced them to me herself; this is one of the Spring Saws.

[Four Spring Saws, three Files, with a Spring Bow, were produced in Court.]

Q. When did she deliver them to you?

Akerman. About the 5th or 6th of August.

Q. Do you know how she came by these Things? I suppose you did not give any Consent that she should have them.

Akerman. I knew nothing of them, my Lord?

Q. (to Mr. Akerman.) Are not these proper Instruments to facilitate Prisoners Escape?

Akerman. They cut in five or six Places the Bars of a Window quite through?

Q. (to Mary Dobbins .) Did you know at any Time Catherine Lowry ?

Dobbins. Yes, she was a Transport Prisoner.

Q. Do you know of any Thing being deliver'd to her?

Dobbins. Yes, my Lord; I receiv'd four of them Saws from the Prisoner myself: I know he, Edward Lowry , got 5 s. for buying them; he gave 4 s. 6 d. for the Saws and Bow, and I saw him deliver these Instruments to Catherine Lowry .

Q. Do you remember the Time when Mr. Akerman took them from her?

Dobbins. Yes, I was in Bed at the same Place; but before she deliver'd them, she cut eight Iron Bars, and broke eight Saws in all.

Q. Did the Prisoner at the Bar use them at all?

Dobbins. Yes, he ask'd Leave of the Swabber to lie with his Wife; he lay along with her 'till Twelve o'Clock, while the Gaol was at rest, then he went to work; he work'd at the Iron Bars, and I held the Candle; he cut two of the Bars.

Prisoner. Please to ask her if somebody don't give her something for swearing.

Dobbins. Nobody does give me any thing for it. This Catherine Lowry was a desperate Woman; she call'd me up, and if I did not assist her, threaten'd what she would do; I was in Danger of my Life; there were twelve Transports to be gone; there was but one Bar of eight to be cut, and they were to be all out the next Night, and he, Edward Lowry , was to be at the Gate with that Rope to swing the Prisoners down.

Q. (to John Cocket .) What is your Office?

Cocket. I am Under-Keeper.

Q. Do you know of any Consent given to Catherine Lowry to have Files, Saws, &c. or Privity for Edward Lowry to bring these Saws in.

Cocket. No certainly.

Q. (to the Prisoner.) Will you ask any Question? What have you to say to this Charge sworn against you by several Witnesses?

Prisoner. Please to look to that Woman's Character; she was try'd last Sessions, and is to be try'd this.

Guilty , Transportation .

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