Elizabeth Goodsense, Mary Delforce.
26th February 1746
Reference Numbert17460226-29
VerdictNot Guilty

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117, 118. Elizabeth Goodsense and Mary Delforce were indicted for stealing a quart Pot, value 18 d. and one Pewter Pot, value 6 d. the Property of Charles Woodward .

Q. (to Woodward) What have you to say against the first, Elizabeth Goodsense , then Mary Delforce? What, did you lose any Pots?

Woodward. I have abundance of Pots . But these were lost the 30th of last Month.

Q. What did you lose then?

Woodward. A quart Pot and a pint Pot.

Q. Any Thing else? Did you lose a penny Pewter Pot too.

Woodward. Yes.

Q. How came you to suppose the Prisoner at the Bar, Goodsense, took it?

Woodward. Because they came to my House, and upon falling out, they made a Confession.

Q. When was this Confession made?

Woodward. I think on the 30th of January.

Q. Which is Goodsense?

Woodward. The little one. Delforce is the Mother of her.

Q. What did the Mother confess?

Woodward. I had been out in the Evening, and when I came home, I found the two Prisoners accusing one another: Upon that I had a Suspicion of them and carry'd them before the Justice.

Q. What do you know of the Confession made before the Justice, was it taken in Writing?

Woodward. Yes.

Q. Have you got it here;

Woodward. No.

Q. (to Rebecca Robinson ) What have you to say against the Prisoner, Goodsense?

Robinson. The Mother, this Delforce, wanted me go with her to the Church-Warden , to get her little Girl into the Hospital. Delforce brought Elizabeth Goodsense , her Daughter, to my House; as soon as ever she came in, she said, Hussey, where is the Pot I put out for the Servant to take. I put it out to the Door, and coming out again the Pot was gone.

Q. What did the Girl say upon being charg'd with taking the Pot?

Robinson. Said, she knew nothing of it.

Q. How did her Grandmother treat her all this Time?

Robinson. The Grandmother said, she was positive none had been there but her. And said, if Goodsense would not own where the Pot was, she would make Mr. Woodward send her to Jail. They told her she should not be hurt if she would tell the Truth. But at last she said, she knew the Girl that had took it away. Then they went to enquire after this Girl. She mention'd the Girl that was along with her at taking it away. The Girl that she said had taken it away, had not seen her that Day. I heard the little Girl, Goodsense, say, the Person's Name was Hull , that bought the Pot .

Q. Who sold it?

Robinson. She sold it herself.

Q. Did she say that she took it?

Robinson. She told her Grandmother, that she took it from the Entry of the Door of her Grandmother's Passage .

Q. What Age is the Girl ?

Robinson . I think her Mother says she is 15 To-morrow.

Q. Have you any Thing more to say?

Robinson. When I examin'd her, the Mother , Delforce, beat her till she was in a Gore of Blood.

Q. What is the Mother committed for?

Robinson. Why they said, the Mother was with the Girl when they took the Money for the Pot .

Q. How is that prov'd?

Robinson. It does not at all appear.

Q. Have you any Thing more to say?

Robinson. The Mother knew nothing of it.

It appear'd to the Court that the Mother had acted a commendable instead of a criminal Part. And the Girl being so young, and the Confession seeming to be extorted from her, they were both acquitted .

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