Judith Tilley.
11th September 1745
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322. + Judith Tilley , of St. Mary Whitechape l, was indicted (together with Susannah Gray , otherwise Waters, otherwise Norman not taken) for assaulting Ford Bolley on the King's highway, putting him in fear, and taking from him a tobacco box, value 1 s. and six shillings in money his property. July 15th .

Ford Bolley. On the 15th of last July as I was coming by Moses and Aaron's Alley in Whitechape l between the hours of eleven and twelve at night.

Q What Business are you?

Bolley. I am a Jeweller , I live in Little Britain, and had been with a Jeweller at Ratcliff Cross, and staid a little later than ordinary, coming by that Alley, there was the Prisoner and four more women, one of the women came up to me, and desired me to give her a dram; they all surrounded me,

and the Prisoner came up and said d - n him, he shall, I know he has got money about him, and she up with her hand, and knocked me down, and afterwards with a knife or some edged tool, which she had in her hand, she cut me cross the nose. After that they stopped my mouth with a handkerchief, and picked my pocket, and swore if I offered to cry out they would murder me (they are all, my Lord, supposed to be of the Black Boy alley crow, for they have been dispersed since the alley has been take up.) Then they dragged me into a house in Moses an Aaron alley, and there they stripped me of the rest of my money, which was about 8 s. my jewels, and the things which I had about me. I have got one pair of ear rings by the means of a person who gave me instructions where to find them.

Q. Have you got them here?

Bolley. No, the pawnbroker has them in her custody.

Q. You cannot say the Prisoner has any of your jewels ?

Bolley . No, but she was in company with the other women , both in the street and in the house.

Prisoner . Ask him whether he ever saw my face before ?

Q. Pray recollect how you came to know her face again ?

Bolley . I was exactly against a lamp, and this particular person [the Prisoner] and 2 more, I could swear to. I am positive by the sight I had of her by the lamp, that she is the same person.

Q. How long is it since she was taken up?

Bolley. It is a good while since, but she was taken in the same alley by one of the thieftakers, who I employed to do it.

Prisoner. There were three poor creatures before, besides myself, who were taken up upon this account, one of them can give you an account that she heard the Prosecutor say, he knew where they were in pawn.

Q. ( to Bolley ) Whose house was you carried into?

Bolley . Into the house of Susanna Gray , who lived in Black-Boy alley, who was the mistress of these creatures she brings to be witnesses for her.

Q. to Mary North *. What did you see as to the Prisoner's robbing that man ?

* Mary North , Esther Cooper , and Alice Oakley , were committed to New-Prison by Sir Samuel Gower , Knt. on the oath of Ford Bolley, on suspicion of stealing six gold rings. They were all discharged the last day of Sessions at the goal delivery, the Grand Jury did not find the bill.

North. I never saw the gentleman robbed, nor never knew that he was robbed. I was but a poor body, and lodged in this Susanna Gray's house. I never saw the man there in my life.

Prisoner. Did you ever see me in that house?

North. You have been backward and forward there sometimes.

Esther Cooper . The Gentleman [Mr. Bolley] came to New-Prison, and find that the Prisoner was not the person that robbed him , for he said it was Susanna Gray and another .

The Prisoner called out , Mary North , why don't you say whether you ever saw me in that house?

Bolley. The Prisoner, North, owned to me that she was in the house after the thing was done. These two witnesses were committed by Sir Samuel Gower on suspicion, but I could not swear against them, because I was not sure that they were the persons that robbed me, but as to the Prisoner I am positive.

Daniel Kalisall [He was called for by the Prosecutor.] I have known Ford Bolley eight or nine years, he is a jeweller by trade, and I look upon him to be a very honest man. I have trusted him with forty or fifty pounds worth of goods together.

There were other persons of credit ready to give the Prosecutor a character. Guilty , Death .

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