Benj. David Woolf, Hannah Moses.
5th December 1744
Reference Numbert17441205-52

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89, 90. + Benj. David Woolf , and Hannah Moses , otherwise Samuel , were indicted for stealing a silver watch, value 3 l. 3 s. the property of Joseph Higginson , in his shop , Aug. 25 .

Sarah Higginson . My husband is a watch-maker in Shadwell : in August last, just before Bartholomew day, the Prisoners came into the shop about twelve o'clock, and said they wanted some watches to go over sea; I said I had none that would come under three guineas, or three guineas and an half; they desired to see them, and I shewed them eight or nine. I delivered them to the man [Woolf] and he delivered them to the woman. My husband was abroad: Woolf asked me what time he would be at home; I said he had ordered dinner to be ready about two o'clock, and I expected him home then; they desired I would lay them by, and if there were any that suited them, they would come again at two o'clock; they hung some up, and I hung some up. - I did not miss any then, for I was so inadvertent as not to mind how many I shewed them, but I found afterwards that I had lost one.

Q. Was there any body came into the shop till you missed the watch?

Higginson. No, no body I am sure, for I was not out of the shop; I never heard of the watch again till it was advertised by Sir Thomas Deveil .

Benjamin Harper . When Mr Barbe went to look after his silver, I went along with him to see for the prisoners, and Woolf gave his landlord a watch; the next night we had a search warrant, and I found the watch at Woolf's lodging, I asked his landlord for the watch Woolf's had given him the night before, and said I must have it: [the watch was produced by Sir Thomas Deveil 's clerk] I believe this is the watch. - I am very positive 'tis the watch, for there was no mark or number to it,

and I thought it had been made for the Jews upon that account.

Woolf. Harper says the watch was found in my lodging, but it was not found in my lodging.

John Lang . I made these cases for Mr. Higginson, here is my mark upon them.

Cornelius Herbert . I finished this watch for Mr. Higginson the 11th of August last, and delivered it to him, and he paid me for it.

Hannah Moses . I had this watch four years ago, and offered to sell it three quarters of a year ago.

Woolf. I know this is her watch, and that she had it of her husband; why should I go to spoil my credit, to rob her of her watch.

Timothy Fagan . I have known Woolf about five months, and the woman about three months; the two prisoners lodged in my house, and never kept late hours, nor were out early, and always behaved well.

Q. How came you to turn Woolf out of your house?

Fagan. I did not turn him out.

John Alexander . I am a Taylor, I have known Woolf these six years, and have worked for him ever since: I have left the work at his house, and he has paid me very honestly for it in a day or two. I let him have a watch to sell for me, and he brought it back again very honestly, and said he could not get so much for it as I would have.

John Pattiman . Mr. Woolf lodged at my house, and always behaved civilly to me.

John Faire . I have known Woolf four years, and never knew any harm of him in my life; I have known him live three days upon a half-penny worth of bread, when he first came over.

Woolf. He says the watch was finished in August; I know the woman would have sold it three quarters of a year ago.

Faire. I know Wolf would have sold me a silver watch, with the maker's name Higginson upon it, about June last.

Joseph Higginson . My watch had not the name of Higginson upon it; it had only the name of Higgins?

Q. Why had your watch only the name of Higgins?

Higginson. Because I never put my name at length to any of my watches under six guineas.

Q. Was the name on the watch that Woolf offered to sell you, Higgins or Higginson?

Faire. It was either Higgins or Higginson, I can't tell which.

Woolf. I have got a receipt for this very watch. A receipt was produced, which appeared to be a receipt for another watch: the maker's name Wilson. Guilty Death .

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