John Hill, Edward Hill, Violent Theft > highway robbery, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 5th December 1744.

28, 29. + John Hill , and Edward Hill , of St. Andrew, Holborn , were indicted for assaulting Richard Dorrington on the King's highway, putting him in fear, &c. and taking from him a cloth coat, value 4 s. a glass bottle filled with a spirituous liquor called geneva, value 10 d. two ounces of tobacco, value 2 d. a tobacco box, value 2 d. and three halfpence in money, the property of Richard Dorrington , Oct. 17 .

Richard Dorrington . On the 17th of October last I was robbed in Gray's-inn-lane by four people - there were old Hill, and his son, and Gascoign; Gascoign pointed a pistol at me.

Q. Do you know old Hill?

Dorrington. Yes, when I see him.

Q. Did you ever see him in your life?

Dorrington. I might meet him in the street, but I never saw him in conversation.

Q. Did you ever see him in your life to be told his name?

Dorrington. No.

Q. Do you know him any otherwise than as Waters told you?

Dorrington. No - I was robbed of my coat off my back, and in my coat pocket was a bottle of gin, and two ounces of tobacco.

Q. What sort of men were they that robbed you?

Dorrington. One of them had his own hair.

Q. Who told you that?

Dorrington. I saw that myself.

Q. Was the man that had his own hair a tall man or a short man?

Dorrington. He was much about my size [a middle size.]

Q. Was he an old man?

Dorrington. I believe he might be turned of fifty.

* The description that Dorrington gives of Edward Hill is pretty just, he wears his own hair, is a middle sized man, and appears to be turned of fifty years of age.

Q. Did you know him to be of that age?

Dorrington. Only from what the evidence said.

Q. Do you know Gascoign?

Dorrington. I don't know him.

Joseph Waters . John Hill, Edward Hill, Gascoign, and I, went up to a man, and asked him, what money he had; he said, he was a poor man, and had none; we took his coat, and a bottle of gin from him: they would have taken his breeches off, but I would not let them.

Coun. How do you know Edward Hill was there?

Waters. He said he would have the bottle of gin for his own drinking.

Coun. Would you swear to the bottle of gin?

Waters. Yes.

Coun. Do you know one bottle of gin from another?

Waters. No, I don't know that. Acquitted .

+ John Hill, was indicted (with Edward Gascoign , not yet taken) for assaulting Richard Howard on the highway, in the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn , and taking from him a cloth coat, value 4 s. and eighteen-pence in money, his property , Oct. 16 . but was not tried on this indictment.

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