Thomas Bonney, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 12th September 1744.

Reference Number: t17440912-15
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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367. + Thomas Bonney , of the Hamlet of Bethnal-Green , was indicted for assaulting Mary Sewell , in a certain field or open place near the King's highway, putting her in fear, and taking from her 15 d. in money , the property of Richard Sewell , July 5 .

Mary Sewell . As I was going to Grove Street in Hackney , the Prisoner came up to me, and said he must stop me and have my money; I said he should have it.

Q. Had he any weapon?

Sewell. He had an ordinary little penknife which lay open in his hand - It lay cross his hand. I put my hand into my pocket, and gave him 15 d. He said I had more money; I told him I had not, and desired he would not fright me: and he said if he had my money, he would do me no harm. He took some money from Sarah Jackson and then left us. After he was got some way from us we cried out, and he was pursued and taken; and in a little more than a quarter of an hour brought back to us - It was about 8 o'clock in the evening.

Sarah Jackson . I was along with Mrs. Sewell when the Prisoner robbed her of 15 d. after he had got her money, he turned about to me and said he must have mine. I put my hand into my pocket and gave him 6 d. he said I had more; I told him I had not to my knowledge. He put his hand in my pocket and took out a halfpenny and went away.

Q. Had he any weapon in his hand?

Jackson. Nothing but a stick.

Q. What did Mary Sewell say to him when he first came up to her?

Jackson. She said, don't fright me and you shall have my money.

Q. to Sewell. Did you see the stick?

Sewell. I only saw the knife - 'Tis the very same man.

Jackson. - I think I can be positive to the man.

Q. Where was this done?

Jackson. It was in the field beyond Bishop Bonner's.

Prisoner. There was a young fellow run before in a green waistcoat and his own hair, I happened to have a green waistcoat on, and so they swore to me upon that account.

Sewell and Jackson said, he had on then a green waistcoat and a woollen cap.

Q. to Sewell. Did he present the knife to you?

Sewell. No, he only held it open in his hand.

John Price . These 2 gentlewomen cried out, Stop thief; and another young man and I took him. I laid hold of his collar, and brought him to Mr. Weston's house.

Prisoner. I worked for one Capt. Luckerby in Castle-street, and had carried home my work; and was taking a walk out in the fields, I saw another fellow run along in a green waistcoat.

Q. to Price. Was there any body running in a green waistcoat?

Price. There was no body run but myself. He would sain have persuaded me to believe that then, but I would not believe him; and when I brought him up to these gentlewomen, they swore hard and fast, that he was the man. Guilty , Death .

There was another indictment against him, for assaulting Sarah Jackson , and robbing her of six-pence halfpenny, which he was not tried upon.

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