Thomas Wright.
12th September 1744
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352. + Thomas Wright , of St. Mary le Bone , was indicted for assaulting Letitia Pennington , in a certain field or open place near the King's highway, putting her in fear, and taking from her a cloth cloak, value 6 s. a linen apron, value 1 s. the goods of Thomas Pennington ; a cloth cloak, value 10 s. a shift, value 1 s. an apron, value 1 s. and a pair of cotton gloves, value 2 d. the goods of Tho Goving , Sept. 10 .

Letitia Pennington . On Monday last about 3 o'clock in the afternoon , my niece and I were walking over the fields towards Kilburn ; she saw three boys, of whom the Prisoner was one; says she, aunt I don't like those boys; said I they are but boys, there's no occasion to be afraid of them, I believe they are only mushrooning. I had a bundle in my hand and 2 cloaks upon my arm, for we could not carry them upon our backs for the wind. The Prisoner and another came up to me, the Prisoner presented a pistol to my right breast, and the other took away the bundle and the cloaks.

Q. Did the Prisoner say anything to you when he put the pistol to your breast?

Pennington. He bid me delive - I don't know that the other had any pistol; after they had robbed us, I saw a gentleman on horseback, and told him that we were robbed by two boys, the gentleman rode after them and took the Prisoner.

Ann Goring . On Monday last in the afternoon about 3 o'clock, my aunt and I were walking towards Kilburn : I saw as I thought three rogues, and told my aunt of it; she said she did not think any thing of it, that they were only boys a mushrooning . They came up to us, and the Prisoner took hold of the bundle that my aunt had in her hand, and felt of it and said, what have you got here? She said I have got nothing, my dear, but a little Apothecary's stuff; then he put the pistol to her breast and bid her deliver. I saw a gentleman on horseback at the end of the field; I called to him and told him we were robbed, and the Prisoner was taken and carried into an alehouse.

Q. Which of them took the bundle and the cloaks?

Goring. I saw them taken away, but I cannot tell who took them.

Edward White . I was going home with my horse, and the Prisoner run against me; a gentleman cried out stop him, and said that he and two more had robbed two women, and that he was so nigh that he saw them put the things into a hedge , and then run away.

Q. How came the Prisoner to be taken?

White. I had him in hold when the gentleman called out. Mr. Charles took him, I took him to the alehouse myself .

Prisoner. Did not the gentleman say stop him, and I stopped directly ?

White. Yes you did, but I believe you were out of breath, and could not run any farther.

Benjamin Smith . I happened to be taking a little walk in the fields, and accidentally went into the house the Prisoner was carried into; and Mr. Charles offered White half a crown to go for a Constable, and somebody said that I was a Constable. I said I was not; he said if I was a Headborough it was the same thing, and then I took charge of the Prisoner, and by the assistance of two more carried him before a magistrate.

Prisoner. Did not Mrs. Pennington say, coming over the fields, she was sorry she had sworn against me, but as she had sworn against me, she was forced to see it out?

Smith. I did not hear her say so; she said indeed she was sorry you had not more grace. Guilty Death .

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