Jacob Cordosa, Miscellaneous > returning from transportation, 7th December 1743.

Reference Number: t17431207-78
Offence: Miscellaneous > returning from transportation
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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+ 98. Jacob Cordosa , was indicted for being seen at large in Great Britain, before the Expiration of the Term for which he was ordered to be transported, against the Form of the Statute .*

*He was convicted in December Sessions (See Trial No. 40 and 42, Page 29.) And in May Sessions, by his Majesty's Favour, he received Sentence of Transportation for Life.

The Record of his Conviction, &c. were produced, and then Charles Crofts was called to prove the Identity of the Person.

Charles Crofts . I attended the Prisoner in the Cells when he was under Sentence of Death; he broke out of Newgate the 16th of August last, between twelve and one, and we took him again about a Week afterwards, at Hoxton - He broke out of a Place called the High Hall, almost as high as the Top of the Goal, and got down by a Scaffolding Rope. Guilty , Death .

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