Samuel Moses, Michael Jude, Solomon Athorn.
7th December 1743
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+ 74, 75, 76. Samuel Moses *, Michael Jude , and Solomon Athorn , otherwise Selick , of St. George Bloomsbury , were indicted for breaking and entering the Dwelling-House of William Young , about three in the Night, and stealing a Silver Tankard, value 6 l. a Silver Snuff-Box, value 6 s. a Shell Snuff-Box, mounted with Silver, value 5 s. a Silver Watch-Chain, value 2 s. thirty four Thimbles, value 30 s. a Shirt, value 2 s. twenty six Gold Rings, value 15 l. two Gold Rings set with Diamonds, value 40 s. one Pair of Gold Drops, value 10 s. seven Pair of Gold Ear Rings, value 1 l. 10 s. a Silver Pepper-Box, value 10 s. a Silver Saltseller, value 5 s. two Silver Spoons, value 16 s. two Tea-Spoons, value 3 s. one Pair of Silver Shoe-Buckles, value 8 s. and one Pair of Knee-Buckles, value 3 s. the Property of the said William Young , Nov. 9 .

* Samuel Moses was tried on the last Indictment; he is a Frieze , and Solomon Athorn a Polander .

Abraham Benedictus was sworn Interpreter to Samuel Moses and Solomon Athorn .

William Young . I am a Silver-Smith ; on the 9th of November, I went to Bed about 11 o'Clock, and about 2 or 3 I was alarmed by my Boy, who lies in the Shop; he came up Stairs, and knocked at my Chamber Door, says he, For God's sake come down, for I am afraid your Show-Glass is gone; and the Street Door is wide open. I jumped out of Bed, called out Watch, went down Stairs, found the Shop Door open, and the Show-Glass taken away; and I lost the Things mentioned in the Indictment: I found the Kitchen Window broke open, where there is a Door and an Area - I did not see the Door fastened that Night; I found in the Kitchen Window a Head of a Chissel in two Parts tied together, and a hammer; upon my calling out, three or four Watchmen came, and in about an Hour and a Quarter a Watchman brought my Show-glass back again, with about nine or ten Pounds worth of Goods in it. On the 21st of Nov. I received a Letter from Justice Sparrow of Ipswich, wherein he acquainted me, that the three Prisoners were apprehended, and that there was the Body of a Quart Silver Tankard taken upon them, and the Lid; and that upon a strong Suspicion of a Robbery, he had committed them to Ipswich Goal; I went down to Ipswich, and at Justice Sparrow's I found my Tankard, the Body, Lid and Handle all separate; I know it by the Marks upon the Handle M. H. and E. C. it was a Family Tankard of my Wife's; I have had it about four Years. I found these two Snuff-Boxes, which I am positive are mine; I should have known them from a Thousand, and this Silver Watch-Chain; I knew it, though it was fixed to Samuel Moses 's Watc h. I found these Thimbles, I know one of them to be mine by the Letters M. Y. the fellow of this Ear-Ring was left in the Show-Glass; these I found at Justice Sparrow's.

William Richman . I am Constable of Ipswich; on the 17th of November I had a Warrant from Mr. Cox of Colchester to search for the three Prisoners by their Names, for they had robbed him. I took them all up; they had Nap-Sacks with them; I would not suffer them to go up to their Chambers, but fetched them down out of the Chamber which they were to lie in; they owned they were bound for Holland; I found the Body and Lid of the Tankard in Michael Jude 's Nap-Sack. The Justice asked, how he came by it? He said, he found it at Chelmsford in the Street. The handle was not found till next Day; they had conveyed that into the Street; I should not have found them out, if it had not been for that I found ten or eleven Thimbles; one of them was marked with M. Y. I found these two Snuff-Boxes in Samuel Moses 's Pocket.

Young. These are mine.

Richman. Solomon Athorn went by the Name of Selick; but I found out his Name was Athorn; I was told, that Selick is Dutch for Solomon .

Abraham Benedictus . It is the same as Solomon.

Richman. I don't know of any Thing but Money that was found on him, or any Thing that Mr. Young owned.

Thomas Cox . I drive the Colchester Coach ; these three Prisoners came to me the 15th of November at Chelmsford , and wanted to go to Colchester; I carried them to Colchester, and one of them lodged at my House; I went to London the 16th, came back the 17th; my Wife told me I was robbed by the three Jews; I went to Ipswich, got a Warrant from Justice Sparrow, and took them - There was nothing taken from Athorn but Money concealed; the Tankard was taken out of Michael Jude 's Nap-Sack, but there was no Handle, and the Chain off Samuel Moses 's Watch.

Rebecca Spragg . I have been Servant to Mr. Young about four Years; I fastened the Door and the Kitchen Window about eleven at Night, and left the Tankard in the Kitchen; I know the Tankard; it has been in my Mistress's Family near 100 Years.

William Prior . I lay in the Shop; the 9th of November, between two and three in the Morning, I heard the ratling of a Chain upon the Counter; I cried out, What are you? No Body answered, but I heard a Foot go out of the Shop; I heard the Glass break, and then I went up Stairs and called my Master.

Young. The Handle was found the next Day, and brought to Justice Sparrow's; then Jude said, he had it of Selick to fell, and that Selick said, if he would not do it he would inform against him. Moses would have made a Confession upon Condition of being made an Evidence; Justice Sparrow said, if he would make an ingenuous Confession of all the Robberies they had committed, he should have Favour; and then Moses said, that he and Joseph Mckoy were at a Night-House the 9th of Nov. between twelve and one, and then went to the other end of the Town to Young's House - Selick owned that he made the first Attempt, but could not break open the Door, but Mckoy and he broke it open; that he did go down into the Kitchen and take the Tankard; and Mckoy said, sure there must be something more, and then they took the Pepper-Box, and Selick said, he had six Gold Rings, which he sold to a Portugueze Jew ; he said, that Jude was not there at the Time of the Robbery, but that he showed them the House in the Day-Time, when Moses and Mckoy were with him - Moses owned the Fact, and that he was upon the Watch.

Richman. I heard Selick say, that Michael Jude showed him the House in the Day-time, but that he was not in the Robbery. Moses owned he was at the breaking of the House, and went in; Moses made the first Confession.

Moses. I bought them of Mckoy and Selick; I can prove it.

John Garret . I have known Moses about two Years; he deals in Black-lead, he has the Character of a civil honest Man.

John Davey . I have known him about two Years and a Half, he always bore a good Character in the Neighbourhood.

Rebecca Jevens . He has been a Lodger in my House between three and four Months last past, and always behaved in a very regular civil manner; he never was out of my House after twelve but one Night, and that was about six Weeks ago.

Levi Jacob , Thomas Howard , and John Fountain , gave Samuel Moses the Character of a civil honest Man.

Aaron Lazarus gave Michael Jude the Character of a very honest Man, and Mordecai Lazarus said, he had trusted him with some hundred pounds worth of Goods; that he was his Servant abroad; that he has known him two years in England, and that he always had the Character of an honest Man.

Samuel Solomon . Michael Jude has a very good Character here and at Amsterdam . Guilty , Death .

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