Simon Emanuel, Samuel Moses.
7th December 1743
Reference Numbert17431207-61
VerdictNot Guilty

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+ 72, 73. Simon Emanuel , and Samuel Moses , of St. James's Westminster , were indicted for stealing a repeating Watch , with two Gold Cases, and a Shag Case , value 25 l. the Property of the Right Honourable Lord Viscount St. John , in the Shop of John Seddon , August 1 .

The Prisoners were indicted separately, though it is here put into one Indictment.

Samuel Moses not understanding English well, Abraham Bendictus was sworn Interpreter.

John Seddon . The beginning of August I lost a Gold repeating Watch out of a Closet in my Shop ; I did not miss it for five Days, I took my Day Book to examine what Watches I should have, and missed this; I advertised it, and in about seven or eight Days Elias Mordecai came and asked me if a Watch had not been taken out of my Shop; I asked him, if he could help me to it; he said he had seen such a Watch in the Hands of some Jews; I asked him his Intent in coming, and that I supposed he came to see if he could get any Thing for himself; I told him, I would give him two Guineas, besides twelve Guineas I had advertised, if he helped me to it; he came again in two or three Days, and asked my Servant if he could know the persons who were in the Shop; he said, yes; he appointed him to go on a Saturday Morning at the Time they came from the Synagogue, and my Man knew one of them; says Mordecai , do not meddle with him, I know where to find him. I let Mordecai have a Guinea, and he came one Day and desired I would go with him to Pimlico, by Buckingham-House , and when I came there was Simon Emanuel ; I asked him, if he could give me any Account of this Watch; he told me, he was with the person who had pawned it, and described it to me, but then I did not know he was one of the persons who was in my Shop; I was to have had my Watch brought me, but they wanted a farther Reward of four Guineas. Emanuel was brought before Justice De Veil, November 5. and his Examination taken in Writing - He did not own he took it, he owned he was in the Shop with Moses; he said, I should either have my Watch, or a valuable Consideration for it, if I would put off his Examination from Saturday to Monday. I never had it again, I cannot supply it under 45 l. I never saw Moses till I saw him at the Bar.

Elias Mordecai . I deal in Glasses; I set my Basket one Day upon a post, and saw Moses show a Watch to two Gentlemen, when he was gone, I heard the Gentlemen say he is a pretty Fellow to have a repeating Watch; I knew him to be a person of a bad Character; then I went about my Business; five or six Days after, I read in the Advertiser, that there was a Watch lost belonging to Mr. Seddon ; I went to him, and asked him, whether he knew which way he lost it? he said, no; I told him I saw such a Watch showed to two Gentlemen; said I, how came you to let alone advertising it so long? if you had advertised it, these Gentlemen might have stopped it: I thought Simon Emanuel could tell me whether I could get the Watch or no; said I, you were walking with such a Man, and he had a Gold repeating Watch; yes, says he, Samuel Moses has; said I, do you know how he came by it? he said, he could not tell; said I, you will have a Guinea down, and afterwards a Reward of twelve Guineas, if you can give any Information of this Watch: Emanuel said, I will not make any Noise about it; do you go to Mr. Seddon, and ask him, whether there was a Key to the Watch; says he, I will be as good as my Word, and tell you where the Watch is, for I was by when it was pawned . I went to Mr. Seddon, to ask if it had a Key; and he said it had no Key; I spake to Moses about it one Day, and he said, if I would have patience till Monday, he would produce the Watch - Emanuel said, it was pawned to one Marks a Jew in Houndsditch; and Moses was by at the same Time and did not deny it - Moses said, he had pawned it, but he did not say where.

Sarah Mordecai . My Husband was in a Passion with Moses about the Watch, and Moses said, don't be in a Passion, tell the Gentleman if he will stay till Monday, I will make every thing easy.

Gilbert Trow . The beginning of August the two Prisoners came to my Master's Shop, and asked for a second-hand Silver Watch; I shewed them some, and Emanuel was the Interpreter: I could not tell the price of the Watches, so I desired them to come again: The Watches hang on Hooks in the Closet; Moses came into the Closet, and Emanuel stood on the out-side of the Closet; then Moses went without the Closet, and Emanuel desired a large Silver Watch to be taken down, and Emanuel said, This will do; and I apprehend when I handed that Watch to Emanuel, Moses took this off the Hook; for the Watch was hanging there when they came in - I am very constant in the Shop, and am very certain I saw no Body in the Closet since the Time it was seen till the Time it was missing but them - When Simon Emanuel was carried before the Justice, he said, he would not make any Confession, because he desired it might be put off till Monday; but he owned he was in the Shop. Moses was taken up for a Robbery at Ipswich ; I went to him in Newgate, and said, how do you

do, Mr. Moses? Said he, I don't know you. Said I, Do you know Mr. Seddon in St. James's? He seemed to be a little at a Stand; said I, do you know any thing of the Watch of my Lord St. John's? He said, When I come before the Judge I know what to say; but he said, a Dutch Jew who is gone abroad had the Watch. I went with Mordecai to Marks, the Jew, and asked him for the Watch; he denied that he had it; I said, If you will deliver me the Watch, I have twelve Guineas in my Pocket to give you, which is more than you lent upon it: He took me by the Collar, and was going to shove me out of the Shop; I said, I came from my Master, and desired him not to use me ill; he bid me go about my Business.

Lazarus Jacobs. I am a Spectacle Maker; I never knew Simon Emanuel guilty of an ill Action.

Thomas Simkins . I am a Watch-Maker; I have known Emanuel these two or three years; I never heard any Harm of him.

Abraham Benedictus . I am in the Watch making Business; I have known Emanuel from an Infant at Amsterdam ; he goes with People as an Interpreter, either to buy or sell; I never knew any Harm of him.

Elias Soloman . I am a Lapidary; I have found Emanuel to be a very honest Man. Acquitted .

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