Thomas Dennis.
14th January 1743
Reference Numbert17430114-1
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty

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64. + Thomas Dennis was indicted for stealing a light Dun Gelding, Value 7 l. 7 s. the Property of George Wright , Esq ; Nov. 29 .

George Wright . On the 29th of November I had a light Dun Gelding stole out of my Grounds; it was in the Lands called the Lawn, in the Parish of Gotburst , in the County of Bucks: The Gelding was at Grass there, when I came from my Seat.

Henry Scrimshaw . The Prisoner brought a light Dun Gelding, on the 2d of December, to my Mother's, at the Plough in Princess-street, by Leicester-Fields . - She keeps an Inn there; he offered it to me for Sale; I asked him how he came by it; he said, he had it of his Father to set him up in a Way of Business, because he could not give him Money: He asked me nine Guineas for it; I bid him six Guineas that Night, but he would not take it; it stood all Night at my Mother's: The next Day he came again, and then I bid him seven Guineas; he would not take it then, but he came afterwards and took the Money. About a Week afterwards it was advertis'd in the Papers; upon which I went directly to Esquire Wright's, and two of his Servants came to our House; the Horse was show'd them in the Stable, (this was the Thursday after) and delivered to them directly. - I never saw the Prisoner after the Bargain was made.

John Edgar . I am Servant to Sir John Jennings 's Son: The Prisoner offered the House to me on the 2d of December, and sold him the 3 d to Mr Scrimshaw; I went Partners with him in the Horse, but I was not with him when he bought it. - It was a light Dun House. - There is very little Difference between a light Dun, and a pale Dun .

Q. Who received this Horse from Scrimshaw?

Mr Wright. My Servants did. - Edgar and Scrimshaw owned they had this Horse, and they delivered it to my Servants. I saw the Horse in the Stable as soon as I came Home: I did not see it delivered into the Stable by Scrimshaw or any Body.

James Hollis . I did receive a pale Dun Gelding from Mr Scrimshaw, belonging to Mr Wright.

Scrimshaw . The Gelding that I delivered to Hollis, was the same Gelding that I bought of the Prisoner.

Jertmiah Brooks. I was present when the Gelding was deliver'd by Scrimshaw.

Prisoner. My Father ow'd me ten Pounds, which was due to me as a Portion when I came to the Age of Twenty-one: He said he could not give me the Money, but he would give me this Horse in the Room of it; so I came to Town, and sold it.

Q. What is become of your Father?

Prisoner. I sent down to him, but he could not come up. Guilty , Death .

Thomas Dennis was a 2d Time indicted for stealing a dark Brown Mare , Value 7 l. 7 s. the Property of Thomas Collingridge , November the 29th .

Mr Wright. The same Day that I lost the light Dun Gelding, my Servant lost a dark Brown Mare . - Out of the same Lordship, but not the same Grounds. - It is the Lordship of Gotburst.

Q. How do you know he was lost?

Mr Wright. I have it from my Steward himself; I have it under his Hand. - I have the Servant here, who went down with the Horse.

Mr Collingridge not appearing to prove that he lost the Mare, the Prisoner was acquitted .

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