Richard Arnold.
13th October 1742
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117. Richard Arnold was indicted for assaulting Bernard Gates , on the King's High-way, putting him in Fear, and taking from him fifteen Shillings in Money , September 28 .

Bernard Gates . As I was coming to London, on Tuesday the 28th of September, between Hendon Common and Ealing , the Prisoner met me and Mr Lawrence; he got partly between us; Mr Lawrence was towards the Right-hand of the Prisoner; the Prisoner rode up to him, and presented a Pistol to him; I did not hear what the Man said; he turns about, came up to me, and asked me for my Money; I said he should have it with all my Heart. - There were three Crown Pieces and some Shillings ; I happened to lay my Hand upon a Couple of Shillings ; said I, let me keep these to drink a Bottle of Wine with the Persons that had rode away from me. the Man did not give me any ill Usage, but said he would with all his Heart , if I pleased Mr Lawrence said, Mr Gates, you will not go forward, for my Lord Carpenter cannot be a great Way off. I rode up to my Lord, and acquainted him with what had happened: Says he, my Retinue is very well provided, and my Fellows are all couragious , they shall pursue him: I described the Man to him; says he, I remember such a Person as you speak of; he had the Cape of his Coat about his Face, and he said, he looked like a sickly Sort of a Fellow; I think he had the same Cloaths on then as the poor unhappy Man has now; he said it was the first Fact that ever he committed. - There were three Crown Pieces; two of them were King William's, and one of them was Charles the Second's. - I had them in my Pocket upon the Road for two or three Journeys together; he confessed he took them from me: He had no Disguise, only the Cape of his Coat was buttoned round his Face. - I am positive that is the Man; my Lord Carpenter's Servants brought him up directly to my Lord Carpenter, and he confessed he was the Man that robbed me. - To the best of my Knowledge I can swear to this Money.

Mr Lawrence. I was in Company with Mr Gates September 28. I was in one Track, and Mr Gates in another; the Prisoner came up to me first, and presented a Pistol to me, and without robbing me turned about to Mr Gates.

Q. How came the Prisoner to turn from you to Mr Gates?

Lawrence. I do not know any other Reason, than that Mr Gates was better dressed than I was, and he thought the Money might be upon him; I clapped Spurs to my Horse and rode off, and left him with Mr Gates, and went to my Lord Carpenter, and he sent his Servants after him. - I am sure that is the Man.

Lord Carpenter's Servant - Stockwell. As I was coming to London, the 28th of September, Mr Gates came up to my Lord, and said he had been robbed. By whom says my Lord? Mr Gates described the Man; I had taken Notice of the Man's riding by our Coach with a Cape round his Face, and his Hat flapped : These two Men and I pursued him about two Miles to a little Publick-House by Hanwell Bridge , where I believe he had called for a Pint of Beer: We all three whipt in upon him, and seized him, and took

a Pistol, two Bullets, and two Flints out of his Pocket, and brought him to my Lord Carpenter. - There were three Crown-Pieces, several Shillings , and some Half-pence. - I said to him, honest Man, I think it is a surprising thing for a Man in your Condition to rob; for he seemed to be in a very bad Way; says he, it is entirely Necessity that has brought me to it; he confessed he came from London on purpose to rob, that he hired the Horse and bought the Pistol. - That he was really in Want.

- Clark. My Lord sent us after him; we found him at a Place the People told us was called Chevy-Chace , by Hanwell-Bridge ; he confessed he robbed the Gentleman, and that he did it for want.

Bryan confirmed the foregoing Evidence. I can.

The Confession he made before the Lord Carpenter was proved, and read; he therein owned, that on the 28th of September he hired a Bay-Horse in Finsbury , by Chiswell-Street , with an Intention to rob on the High-way, and that about a Quarter of an Hour past one o'Clock, he stopped Mr Gates and robbed him, and soon after was pursued and taken by three Men on Horseback. Guilty , Death .

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