Matth.ew Booney, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 9th September 1742.

Reference Number: t17420909-4
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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58. Matth.ew Booney , of Stepney , was indicted for that he, on the 29th of April last, on the King's Highway, in and upon one Abraham Goodwin did make an Assault, and put the said Abraham Goodwin in Fear and Danger of his Life, and took from him a Watch, val. 5 l. 5 s. a Seal, val. 2 s. a Snuff-Box, val. 20 s. and 18 d. in Silver , the Property of the said Abraham Goodwin .

Abraham Goodwin . On Thursday the 29th of April, between Ten and Eleven at Night, between Bow and the Alms-Houses at Mile Edd , (it was a fine Moon-shiney Night) I saw two Fellows standing upon the Causeway, on the Right-Hand Side of the Road, each of them had a Pistol in his Hand: They demanded what I had, I told them I would deliver all if they would use me well; the first thing I delivered was a Seal with a Coat of Arms, with a String, and this Case of a Watch; he said, Damn your Blood, what is become of the Guts? I said, Gentlemen, I had forgot it, and gave them that; then they took from me a Snuff-Box, 18 d. (and a Handkerchief, and some Half-pence, which is not in the Indictment) and they made off towards Bow, in the Middle of the Road. I being apprehensive of meeting with some Body else, said, Gentlemen, let me speak a Word to you, you have robbed me, give me a Word by which I may save myself, if I should meet with any Body else; said one of them, say I have spoke with the Captain , or the Carman, but I think it was the Carman. The Prisoner answers to the Heighth of the Person, and I believe him to be the Person, because I observed a Scar on the Right Side of his Cheek. Cavenagh was dressed in a Brown Coat , I verily believe Cavenagh to be one of them. As to Mooney. I could see the Scar better then than I can now, for his Beard was long and black.

Prisoner. Gentlemen, pray observe what he says, he says I had a black Beard, and I have no black Beard.

Goodwin. His Beard was rather blacker than it is now.

[ William Cavenagh sworn.]

Court. Consider now you are admitted as a Witness , and take Care to speak nothing but what is strictly true.

William Cavenagh . I will, my Lord. - On the 29th of April last, the Prisoner at the Bar, John Martin , and myself, went towards Bow between Ten and Eleven at Night, when we came by the Sign of Why not beat Dragon, the Prisoner at the Bar and I went on, Martin said behind, and this Gentleman was walking in the Road Way; each of us had a Pistol in his Hand, and we demanded his Money: He delivered first the Out-side case of his Watch into Mooney's Hand, and Mooney gave it to me; I found it was not compleat, but only a Case, and I asked him for the Guts of it, he said, Gentlemen, I forgot it; I think he put his Hand into his Breeches and pulled it out: I took a Snuff-Box from him, and a Shilling and a Six-pence in Silver, and 1 d. and when he asked what he should say if he met any Body else, I bid him say he had met the Carman.

Prisoner. Ask him how long he has been acquainted with me?

Cavenagh. I came acquainted with him about April, by a Woman that bought stolen Goods. - The Watch was sold to a Man that kept an Alehouse.

Prisoner . Ask him why he did not swear against me in his first Information ?

William Cavenagh . I did mention him in my first Information; if you please to look into it you will find it, (the Information was read and it was found to be so). - *Lot Cavenagh is no Relation of mine.

* The Person on whose Information the Prisoner was committed . See the Trials in Mr Alderman Perry's Mayoralty, No. 147, 148.

Prisoner. He said his Father would spend a great deal of Money to take away my Life, and for the great Reward that is depending upon my Life. I came to London the Eleventh of May, and I was in a Fever, he passed for a Surgeon, and came to bleed me.

Goodwin . I had the Watch from William Cavenagh's Father.

Thomas Moone . I am a Joiner, the Prisoner wrought for me in Dublin , the 2d and 3d of May last; the 1st of May is a Day of Diversion among the Tradesmen, there is piping and dancing; I am positive to his working for me the 1st, 2d, and 3d of M ay.

William Cavenagh . Ask him if the Prisoner at the Bar is not his own Son?

Moone . No: he is not my Son, I never knew his Mother in my Life, - he never passed for my Son.

Court. It is not customary to work on a Sunday, now the 2d of May proves by the Almanack to be on a Sunday .

Moone. Yes sometimes it is , in making Coffins, and he did work for me in making Coffins . - I cannot tell which Day the Coffin was made. - I cannot tell who the Coffin was for, it was an Oak Coffin . - There was no Undertaker, I was Undertaker.

Court. Did you supply the whole Funeral? -

Moone. There was no other Funeral than making of a Coffin. - I found out he was in Goal, by some of his Countrymen; he did not write to me to come.

Prisoner. This William Cavenagh said he had nothing against me, that there was nothing but what Lot Cavenagh had against me.

Moone . I live at St Giles's, in one Gerrard Cavenagh's House. - I have been in London since Sunday was se'nnight. - I came from Dublin a Fortnight ago, for Debt. - a Debt about 10 or 11 l. - I am an Irishman.

Prisoner. That young Man said he was robbed by a Man in a light coloured Coat, and I have no such Coat.

The Jury asked what Mr Goodwin was, because there is a Reward in this Case.

Goodwin. I am Clerk to Mr Penny , an Attorney in New Broad street, my Father is a Woolstapler in Broad-street. Guilty , Death .

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