Edward White, Theft > housebreaking, 9th September 1742.

Reference Number: t17420909-3
Offence: Theft > housebreaking
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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57. Edward White * was indicted for breaking open, and entering the Dwelling-House of Mary How , Widow , Sept. 2 , in the Afternoon of the same Day, and stealing from thence, two Silver Stock-Buckles, val. 2 s. one Silver Shoe-Buckle, val. 2 s. One Silver Thimble, val. 6 d. two Silk Handkerchiefs, val. 3 s. one Piece of Gold Coin, val 1 l. 1 s. and 2 l. 12 s. in Money , the Property of the said Mary How .

* He swore himself an Accomplice in robbing Alice Perry in Holloway-Road , Nov. 1, 1739. He was wise, by his own Confession , concern'd in the Murder of Thomas Wall, September 14, 1710. by the Hole in the Wall near Canbury-House, Islington . Vid. Sessions Paper, July 1741. No. 16 .

Mary How . I live at Kingsbury , in the County of Middlesex, my House was broke open the 2d of this September. I locked the Door before I went out, but I did not leave any Body in the House. When I came back, I found my House broke open, - the Wall of a back Apartment belonging to my Dwelling-House, the Wall was broke into my Cellar; seeing that broke, I went up Stairs, and found two of my Drawers open, and missed the Goods and Money mentioned in the Indictment. I live in a lone House .

Q. Do you know any thing how the Prisoner at the Bar came to be taken up for this?

How. This Woman was in my Yard, and she described the Man to me. I went to a Farmer hard by, and told him what had happened, and described the Man to him as the Woman had described him to me; and he pursued him and took him, and the Things were found upon him before I came up, and he desired me to be favourable to him, for that if he was to go before a Justice, he should be a dead Man.

John Twyford . I am a Neighbour of this Mrs How's, she sent me Word by a Woman, that her House was broke open by a Man that worked for me, - he had worked for me about a Month, and I had turned him off. I sent a Man that works for me one Way, and I went another, and when I came to Hendon Church , there was one Hutchins said that he saw such a Man by the Plough; that he had a good deal of Money, and he believed he did not come honestly by it. I saw the Prisoner laid down in a Ditch on his Face, and he seemed to be fuddled; the Constable and I searched him, and found all the Things mentioned in the Indictment, and three Pound twelve Shillings. in Silver and Gold; there was three Handkerchiefs found upon him, he said he took four, but had given one away ; he said at first that we had no Business to stop him, and if we did he would give us trouble

for it ; but he confessed it afterwards, he said he crope in at that Place, and crope out there again afterwards. When they are in that Place, they can go all about the House. This is the Purse, I think they say it is a Hart Skin.

[The Things were produced in Court.]

Mrs How. These are all mine, particularly the Purse.

There were more Witnesses, but the Court thinking these sufficient, they were not examined. Guilty , Death .

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