Thomas Miller, Killing > murder, 3rd June 1742.

Reference Number: t17420603-17
Offence: Killing > murder
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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19. Thomas Miller , of Twickenham , was indicted for that he, not having the Fear of God before his Eyes, and being mov'd by the Instigation of the Devil, did assault Sarah his Wife , giving her several mortal Blows and Bruises upon her Head, and divers other Parts of her Body, Dec. 6th , of which said mortal Blows and Bruises she languished till the 19th of December, and then died .

He was a second Time indicted on the Coroner's Inquest.

Court. Do you know the Prisoner at the Bar?

Martha Love . Yes, my Lord, and I knew his Wife, and I saw him strike her and knock'd her down with his Fist.

Court. What Time was it?

Martha Love . It was of a Sunday, the 6th of December last, and they quarrell'd about two or three Turnips that were put in the Pot.

Court. Where did they live?

Martha Love . They liv'd upon Twickenham-Common, and I saw him in their own House knock his Wife down with his Fist, and then he run and fetch'd a Club out where the two Hens and a Cock were.

Court. What Club was it?

Martha Love It was a great swinging Stick.

Court. Was she down?

Martha Love . Down! Yes my Lord he knock'd her down like an Ox, and she bled like an Ox at her Nose, Eyes, Ears and Mouth; and I was afraid that he would knock me down too, so I

ran out and cry'd help, to their Neighbours and Brother in-law, and they all came in.

Court. Did you return with them?

Martha Love . No, my Lord, but I went in afterwards as soon as he was gone out of the House, and she said, he had killed her, and that was the first Word she said after my Return; and she said so several Times, and she said, that he stampt upon her Stomach, but I did not see it.

Court. Did you see him strike her with a Club?

Martha Love . No, I did not see him strike her with a Club?

Prisoner. Did you see me with a Club in my Hands ?

Martha Love . Yes; Do you see me?

Court. What Club was it?

Martha Love . As near as I can guess, it was the Club of a Hough.

Elizabeth Robertson . As I was a Nursing, I heard that Mr. Miller was come home, and had almost kill'd his Wife, and I went and saw her, and she said, that the Blows she receiv'd upon her Breast, would kill her.

Court. Did you see any Marks of Violence?

Eliz. Robertson. Yes, there were a great many, she was bruised all over upon her Face, Head, Arms and Legs, but most upon her Stomach, and she said the Blows upon her Stomach would be her Death.

Court. When did she say so?

Eliz. Robertson. Not above half an Hour before her Death.

Prisoner. Was not my Wife subject to Fits?

E Robertson. I know nothing of it.

Eliz. Hanstead. When the Prisoner's Wife was ill she sent for me, and I went to her, and found her in a very bad Condition, her Face, Stomach, Thighs, Legs and Arms was very much bruised, and very black.

Prisoner. Was not my Wife subject to Fits?

Eliz. Hanstead. Not to my Knowledge.

Thomas Barker . Mr. Miller came to me the Day before his Wife died, and desired me to come and let her Blood.

Court. Are you a Surgeon?

Thomas Barker . Yes, my Lord, I went and let her Blood, and I found she had violent Bruises upon her Stomach, just below her Midriff, and I took that to be the Cause of her Death, she had a violent suitting of Blood, there were various other Bruises, but none of them that I could presume to say could be her Death.

Court. Did you know her before?

Thomas Barker . Yes, my Lord.

Court. Was she used to have Fits?

Thomas Barker . She was very much subject to Fits?

Court. Do you think that her Fits would occasion those Marks that she had?

Thomas Barker No, my Lord, and how she came by those Bruises I cannot say, for I never asked what was the Cause of them.

Court Was her Body open'd?

Thomas Barker . Her Body was not open'd because the Parish would not be at the Charge of it.

Prisoner. Was not her Fits turn'd to inward Fits?

Thomas Barker . Not as I know of.

Samuel Smith . My Lord, I went and saw the Prisoner's Wife the same Day her Husband had used her in the manner he did, and she said, that the Blows she received from her Husband would be her Death, she had nothing to nourish her, and I believe she would not have liv'd so long as she did if I had not sent her some Provisions, for there was nothing but a Bottle of Water and a Bit of Bread upon the Table.

Prisoner. Had not my Wife Fits at your House?

Smith. She never had Fits at our House but once.

Court. Did she bleed after these Fits?

Smith. No, my Lord.

Prisoner My Lord she has been in Fits, and have not been able to speak in three Hours.

Court. Did you apprehend her Illness arose from Fits?

Smith. No, my Lord, she came to my House, and sat down by the Fire Side, and happened to fall in a Fit, and it held her 3 or 4 Hours, but not Speechless, and this was about 3 Weeks before he came out of Newgate. - After his Wife was dead he came to our House and called at the Window, and my Wife called out to him and said, God bless you, get away, or you'll go to Newgate To-morrow, and he went away, and never was seen in the Parish from that Day to this.

Prisoner. Did not I ask to lay in your House till the Morning?

Smith. He did not, my Lord.

Prisoner. I desire Mrs. Robertson may be asked that.

E. Robertson. When his Wife was dead we laid her out, and took the Child Home to the Prisoner's Brother-in-Law.

Court. Did he ask to lay there?

E. Robertson Yes , and his Sister said, Go your Way or you'll go to Newgate.

Prisoner My Lord, my Brother-in-law took away all my Goods.

Smith. My Lord, I have a Receipt for all the Goods I have, and he owes me above 7 l. besides.

Court to Prisoner. Have you any Witnesses to call?

Prisoner. No, my Lord.

Court. What have you say in your own Defence?

Prisoner. My Wife was very much troubled with Fits, and she told me that they would be her Death, and my Lord, I had 3 Children that died in Fits before, and after my Wife was dead I went to my Brother-in-law's, and said, as they had got all my Goods, I hoped they would bury my Wife, and they said, they would take Care to bury her. Guilty , Death .

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