John Carpenter.
28th April 1742
Reference Numbert17420428-2
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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3. + John Carpenter , of Harmonsworth , was indicted for stealing 2 Weather Sheep, val. 30 s. the Property of Isaac Singer , Jan 9 .

Isaac Singer . I lost two Weather Sheep on the 9th of January last, out of my Fold in the Parish of Harmonsworth . My Shepherd came to me in the Morning in a great Hurry, and told me he miss'd two Sheep; they were mark'd R S on the near hind Hip. I ask'd him if he was sure that he had them in the Fold? He said he was, because as he was driving them along, a piece of a Bush stuck in one of them, and this very Sheep was one that was lost. He likewise told me that he saw 3 Men go by the Fold over Night, upon which I went to Sir Thomas Reynolds , and got a Warrant to search the House of * Joseph Pigg : Just as we got to Pigg's Door, and Chance came out of the House and ran away. We went up Stairs, and in the Chimney corner I saw something cover'd with a sort of a Rug; I pull'd the Rug away and found my two Sheep-skins, and on putting the Skins away I saw a couple of Butter Firkins, in which were the Blood and the Guts. After that, I search'd a little Closet, and found a whole Carcase wrapp'd up in a Cloth, and another cut into Quarters. The next Day I sent 5 or 6 Men and Horses after the Men that ran away; they took Pigg and Chance, but the Prisoner has escap'd 'till now.

*Pigg was tried for this Fact last Sessions and convicted.

James Tillier . My Master lost two Weather Sheep, and we found them in Joseph Pigg 's House; I am sure the Skins were his. I saw Pigg, Chance and the Prisoner go by the Fold about 4 in the Afternoon; they look'd very hard at me and I at them, and took particular Notice of them. The next Morning I went into the Fold among the Sheep, and miss'd two, one of them had a Bush upon him, and which I pull'd off over Night.

Jeremiah Chance . John Carpenter , Pigg and I took two Sheep out of a Fold; I can't say whose Fold it was, but we saw a young Man sitting by it over Night, to the best of my Knowledge it was this Man ( Tillier ) I can't tell when this was, but I remember it was the Night before they came to search Pigg's House. I gave Pigg a Shilling to fetch some Bread and Beer, and he went to an Alehouse, but came back again without it, and told his Wife they were coming to search. I was then cutting out one of the Sheep in a little Closet, and his Wife desired me to stay and not leave her alone. She gave me some Carpenter's Tools to carry out, and I dropp'd them at the Door, and met a great many People coming to search for the Sheep. I walk'd pretty leisurely 'till I got past the People; and when I got out of Sight I ran, and made the best of my way for Staines, and as I was going across the Moor, I met with Pigg, and we went together to one Clements's, at Grubb's Hill in Surrey, and Carpenter the Prisoner came there to us. I can't say that I remember any particular Discourse between us, but Pigg went on the Sunday following to see his Wife and was apprehended for this Fact.

A Witness. The Prisoner's Friends liv'd at Staines: I put him Apprentice myself, and never heard but that he was an honest industrious Fellow. His Friends are as honest People as ever were born. Guilty , Death .

He was a second Time indicted for stealing two Weather Sheep, val. 40 s. the Property of John Dalton , Dec. 25 .

John Dalton . I lost four Sheep, two on Christmas-Eve, and two the Night before. I afterwards found the Skin of one of them hung upon a Cherry-tree, but the Fat and Carcase were gone. I likewise found the Skin of another in another Ground, and the Head with it.

Jeremiah Chance . I can't say from whom we stole these Sheep, but on Michaelmas Eve, Nat. Millis, Carpenter and I went and met Pigg, and going along, Carpenter and Millis went into a Barn, and took two Sacks, after which we went to Staines, and took two Sheep. This was on Michaelmas Eve and I never had been there before, but I remember we went over a sort of a Stile, and into a Ground by a Hay-rick.

Dalton. I believe they drove the Sheep in there, for the Blood was run into the Ground, and one of the Skins was buried in the Hay.

Q to Chance. Are you sure the Prisoner was with you on this Errand?

Chance. Yes, we fetch'd three Sheep up, and to the best of my Knowledge there was one Bell Sheep among them. We catch'd a couple, and that which Carpenter had was not a very good one, so we let it go, and took another. I think likewise there was a Black Sheep among them.

Dalton. I had one Bell Sheep and a Black one among mine.

Guilty , Death .

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