Robert Lloyd.
24th February 1742
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17. + Robert Lloyd , of St. Dunstan's in the West , was indicted for stealing 3 Linnen Money Bags, value 3 d. 50 3 l. 12 s. Pieces, 100 Moidores, 400 Guineas, and 40 l. in Money, the Money of John Simpson and Thomas Ward , in their Dwelling House , Jan 9 .

William Wethersden On Saturday the 9th of Jan. I was alone in our back Shop, when two Men open'd the Door and came in. I met them just at the back Shop Door, and immediately the first Man asked me if one Mr. Franklin liv'd there? The second Man made a sort of a Bustle with his Feet, and said, D - you, you are the Man. The third Man then put a Pistol to my breast, and said I was a dead Man, and indeed I was in such a Fright that I thought I was dead. I look'd over one of their Shoulders, and saw the third Fellow making behind the Counter, for which Reason I cry'd out, and the two Men who stood over me then st me, and likewise the third Fellow who had the Money, and in the Confusion one of the Pistols went off, as I thought by accident, upon which they ran out of the Shop. I then perceived that 3 Bags had been removed to a different End of the Counter from the Place where t hey first were, and there were upwards of a 1000 l. them.

Q. Was the Prisoner one of those Persons?

Wethersden. I really can't say that he is.

Ralph Hall. I live at Mrs. Downings the Corner of Clifford's Inn in Fleet street . My Time being expired, my Mistress was paving me my Money, when I was alarmed by the Report of a Pistol I looked and saw 2 Fellows in the Banker's Shop, and immediately a Man in Grey Cloaths (something taller than the Prisoner) opened the Door. The Prisoner was then behind him in the Shop, and as soon as the Door was open'd, they both ran athwart our Shop towards Chancery-Lane. Mr. Simpson's Footman presently came to the Door, seemingly in some Confusion, and cry'd, Stop Thief! I joined in the Pursuit, and in Bell-Yard the Prisoner was taken, but the other Man made his Escape.

Q. When he was taken what did he say to you?

Hall. He desired us to let him go, for he was afraid of being Arrested

Thomas Brooksbank On the 19th of January about 3 in the Afternoon, I had some Business at Mr. Brome's Shop, facing Mr. Simpson's, and heard the Report of a Pistol. Immediately two Men came out, and after them a third, and were pursued by Mr. Simpson's Footman with a Cry

of Stop Thief! They ran up Chancery-Lane, and I went through the King's-Head Tavern in order to meet them, and just at Crown-Court I heard some People say, Let him go, it is only an Arrest! Notwithstanding that, I follow'd them, and a Gentleman who was then coming down the Court stopp'd the Prisoner. I likewise took hold of his Collar, and he desir'd me to let him go, for they were Bailiffs (he said) that were after him.

James Barton . I was going down Crown-Court on an Errand, and met the Prisoner running as swift as he could with something in his Hand, but what it was I could not discern. He threw it under a Gutter which the Water runs through, and the Mob saying he had shot a Man, I put my Hand under the Gutter, and found this Pistol: - it was discharg'd, and the Cock was broken off with the Fall. When the Prisoner was taken, and carried before Mr. Alderman Hoare, I was desir'd to put my Hand up the Gutter again to search for the Cock of the Pistol: I did so, and found it accordingly.

Mr. Thomas Wotton . On Sunday Morning, the Day after this Robbery was committed, I went to Newgate to see the Prisoner. I asked him how he could be guilty of such a notorious Thing? He at first denied it, but upon my telling him that he would certainly be hanged. He cry'd and fell on his Knees; I then told him, I would make him no Promises of Favour, and he then said, that he work'd at Hackney; that his Brother fetched him from thence to get into better Bread; and that they had walked about this Place for three Days to take an Opportunity to commit this Fact. He added, that it was his Pistol that went off, and that the Discharge of it was occasioned by his accidentally hirting it against the Side of the Counter; and that Lucas (one of the Persons not taken) went into the Shop, and held the Pistol to the young Man, and then his Brother Lloyd went behind the Counter to take the Bags, and that he was to stand Centry with a Pistol at the Stairs Foot to prevent any Person's coming up or down.

Prisoner. I lived at Hackney, and Edward Lloyd and Robert Lucas fetched me away, and said they had got a Place for me, upon which I came to Town, and then I was disappointed. In a few Days I got another Place at Black-Fryars, where I staid about 7 or 8 Days, and then they took me from thence, and that Day we committed this Fact, they made me suddled; they went in to ask for a fictitious Name, and Lucas clapp'd a Pistol to that Gentleman's Face. It is the first Fact I ever did, and I hope you will have Mercy and consider me.

Guilty Death .

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