Thomas Pinks, Stephen Jenkins.
15th January 1742
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4, 5. Thomas Pinks , and Stephen Jenkins , were indicted for assaulting Francis Simmonds on the King's Highway, in the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch, putting him in Fear, &c. and taking from him 36 Fowls, val. 2 l. 10 s. a Sack, val. 1 s. - a pair of hawking Bags, val. 9 d, a Knife, val. 2 d, and 1 s. 3 d, the Goods and Money of the said Simmonds; and a Guinea and 3 l. the Money of Persons unknown, Dec. 1st ,

Francis Simmonds . I am a Higler . About six Weeks ago I was coming to Town with a parcel of Fowls, and within a quarter of a Mile of Shoreditch, I was attack'd by the two Prisoners at the Bar. Pinks knock'd me off my Horse, and led him to a Ditch, and then search'd my Pockets. I am certain they are the Men, for the little one (Jenkins) beat me several Times over the Head with his Fist and Pistol. They took from me 4 l. in Money, (which was all in Silver except a Guinea;) and that I brought up to Town to pay away for a Person that deals with me. I likewise lost 15 d. of my own Money, four dozen of Fowls

all but five, a Sack, a pair of Hawking-bags and a Knife which were all my Property .

Pris. Pinks. He says he was robb'd 6 Weeks ago, and it is 8 Weeks since he accused us of the Robbery .

Simmonds. I can't tell the Time exactly: I was so much abused, that I have not been myself since .

John Haine , Constable . When Pinks was first taken into Custody, I found upon him about 27 s. in Silver and some Half-pence . I asked him how he came by it, and he said he had sav'd it out of his Labour. I told him, if it was so, he had no Reason for making me come after him so often for Money for the Watch. I look'd upon the Money, and found a very remarkable half Crown, which I told him I would keep and shew to the Justice: I happen'd at that Time to be busie , and sent for two of my Headboroughs, and gave the Money to Mr. Edwards, who has kept it in his Custody ever since.

Richard Edwards . I being Headborough, search'd Pinks's House for some Fowls that were lost . When I came in, I found Pink's at Dinner with four Fowls on the Table ready dress'd. I took them before the Justice, but there being no body that could swear to the Fowls, the Prisoners were discharg'd. The Justice took an Inventory of the Things, and the Tuesday following, the old Man (Simmonds) came to Town and swore to the Money. The Prisoners then absconded for eight Days, and when they came up to Town again I took them. This is the half Crown that Mr. Haine deliver'd to me.

Haine. This half Crown I took out of Pinks's Pocket , and deliver'd it to Mr. Edwards.

Simmonds. I had this half Crown in my Pocket when I was robb'd; there is a cut on the Head that I know it by.

Pinks. Ask the Prosecutor how long he had this Money in his Custody?

Simmonds. I have had it 5 or 6 Weeks off and on.

Q. When did you receive this Money to bring to Town?

Simmonds. I was robb'd on the Monday Night, and I receiv'd the Money on the Saturday before. This half Crown I had receiv'd several Times, and it has been refus'd, because it was not good, and I put it into my Pocket then to make up my Money.

Pris. Jenkins . I am innocent of the Matter; and it is my Opinion that I was a bed and a sleep when the Robbery was committed.

Both Guilty , Death ,

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