William Warner, John Newman.
4th December 1741
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5, 6. William Warner alias Goody Warner , and John Newman , of St. James's Clerkenwell , were indicted for assaulting William Blackburn on the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, &c and taking a Silver Watch, value 4 l. 2 Iron Keys, value 2 d. a Quart Glass Bottle filled with Brandy, value 1 s. and a Copper Pocket Piece, value 1 d. and 5 s. in Money , Nov 1 .

At the Prisoner's Desire the Witnesses were examined apart.

Wm Blackburn. On Sunday Morning the first of last Month, a little before one o'Clock, I was going up towards Islington, and very near Sadler's Wells back Gate, he in the blue grey Coat and red Waistcoat (Warner) came up to me with a Hanger in his Hand .

Pris. Warner. He swore before the Justice, that I had the Pistol.

Blackburn. Another came up , whom I take to be the other Prisoner, with a Horse Pistol in his Hand, and they damn'd me , and bid me deliver my Money. I dropped my Watch in the Grass , thinking to save it, and I had a Bottle of Brandy on my left Side, and Warner took it out of my Pocket, and the other took 5 s and two Box Keys. Warner happen'd to see my Watch lie in the Field , and he said , D - n me Jack , here, I have got his Watch! come along Jack! and then I saw them go along the Field together, and presently I saw a Man lying at length, and heard him cry O Dear! Upon that one of them said, he had a good Mind to turn again and shoot him through the Head, and the other said, he deserved his Brains blown out, and they would do it. I passed them, and went up to 'Squire Edward's Brewhouse, at the Woolpack, for some of their Men to come and see what was the Matter with the Man, and while I was there the Man himself ( Charles Shippey ) came up.

Q. What Sort of a Night was this?

Blackburn. A Star light Night.

Q. Could you distinguish the Persons?

Blackburn Yes, very well.

Prisoner Warner. How came you to take us up?

Blackburn. I described their Persons, and on the Tuesday following they were taken on Suspicion of House-breaking, and sent to the Gate-house, where we saw them. - They were both taken up on the Tuesday, and Warner only was sent to the Gatehouse, and we saw him there the next Day.

Q. What is your Employment?

Blackburn, I am Servant to Mr. Forcer , and

have lived with him three Years, and the Night this happened, I had been at Goodman's-Fields to a Benefit there.

Q. How were the Persons dressed that robbed you:

Blackburn . Warner was in the same Dress as he is in now, but Newman was not.

Prisoner Newman. The Almanack will convince these People that it was a dark Night. Here is a Frock, and he swore I had not a Frock on. This is a Frock.

Q. What, that which you had on then?

Newman. Yes my Lord; he saw me in Goal in this Frock. Ask him whether it was not a dark Night?

Blackburn. It was between twelve and one in the Morning, and Star-light.

Charles Shippey . The two Prisoners met me, and knock'd me down, and after I had recovered myself, I walk'd to Mr. Edwards's Brewhouse, and there I saw Blackburn. He said, he had been robb'd, and I told him, I believed they had broke my Skull, but I would go back and see for my Meat and Potatoes. After they had robbed me, Warner said, here comes another, and I turned my Head as quick as he spoke, and saw Mr. Blackburn in his white Apron, and he told me, he had lost his Watch, and five Shillings, a Half penny, a Pocket-piece, and a Quart of Brandy.

Q. How long was that after they had robbed you?

Shippey . Not two Minutes.

Q. Was it in the same Place?

Shippey . I believe it was ten or twelve Yards distant .

Q. Were they in the Place where Blackburn was robbed ?

Shippey . Yes, they ran from me to him. Warner ran first, and as he was going along, I took him a Drive to knock him down, and I hurt my Hand in two Places. He had a Horse-Pistol in his Hand, and when I took him that Blow, Newman knock'd me down again; I can't tell with what, for I lay senseless.

Q. Where they the Persons that robbed you?

Shippey . Yes, Warner came up to me, and ran his Pistol to my Breast: I said, Friend, I have nothing about me worth your taking. He put his Hand into one Pocket and found nothing, but in my other Pocket, I had three Shillings, which he took from me, and I believe he would not have taken my Meat, if I had not struck him.

Q. Was this before Blackburn was robb'd?

Shippey. Yes, as soon as he had taken the three Shillings out of my Pocket, he said, here comes another, and I turned my Head , and saw a Man in a white Apron; so I took him a Knock, and thought I would have another when Blackburn came up, imagining he might take my Part; but they knocked me down, and immediately went up to him, and the last Words I heard them say, were, D - his B - d, I have a good Mind to go back and shoot him through the Brains, for he deserves it. It was a Star-light Night, and the Watch were going Twelve when we came through Wood's Close.

Q. When did you see them afterwards?

Shippey. Warner was sent to the Gatehouse, and Newman to Bridewell, and there I saw them the Wednesday following.

Newman. Please to see whether it was a Starlight Night.

Shippey. It was a Star-light Night.

Warner. Did it Rain?

Shippey. No.

Warner. I hope you will look into it, and see whether it did or no.

Charles Revington . I know no more than that I have seen the two Prisoners together Day and Night. - I am a Marshal's Court Officer.

Warner. He is a Thief-taker .

Revington. Mr. Blackburn was at our House, and left Word that he wanted to speak with me, and when I saw him, he informed me he had been robbed by a Man in a blue grey Coat, and another in a brown Frock. Afterwards hearing that these Men were taken, I desired him to go and look at them, and I went with him and Shippey , and they were positive to the Men. I have seen them frequently in the Street passing and repassing in the Night-time.

Q. What Business had you up in the Night-time?

Revington . I have attacked some of their Kind before.

Jury . Was there a mix'd Company when Blackburn picked them out at the Gatehouse ?

Revington. I was not directly in, because Warner threw a Pipe at me, and swore he would do me a Mischief, but there were several Prisoners about.

Q. Did any body shew the Man to Blackburn?

Revington. No, he challenged him himself.

Q. To Blackburn. Did any Body point out Warner to you?

Blackburn. No, I just look'd at him, and he said D - n your Eyes, you Rogue, what do you look at me for? I saw Newman in Tothillfields Bridewell; Revington was with me , and I found him out myself.


Thomas Blackburn . I am a Shoemaker by Trade, and have kept the Coach and Horses in Hog-Lane , St. Giles's, a Quarter of a Year at Christmas. I have known Newman two Years and something better. He is a Bricklayer by Trade, and lived in the same House with me in Newport Market: that was two Years ago, and I have not been much in his Company since then, but I never knew any Harm of the Man. I used to make Shoes for him.

Q. Do you know Warner?

Thomas Blackburn . Yes, they were at my House together the Sunday Morning this was sworn to be done. I took Notice of it, because he said it was the first of October, and they were at my House then.

C. That happens to be a Month before the Robbery.

Warner. My Witnesses will not be here till To-morrow.

Newman. Examine whether it was a Star-light Morning or no. I have no Money, and therefore can't get any Body else to appear for me.

Both Guilty . Death .

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