Patrick Bourne, Theft > housebreaking, 28th August 1741.

Reference Number: t17410828-17
Offence: Theft > housebreaking
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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20. Patrick Bourne of Hampstead was indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Richard Haly , and stealing a pair of silver spurs, val. 15 s. a watch with the outside and inside cases made of silver, value 3 l. a guinea and 22 s. the goods and money of the said Haly , July 2d .

Richard Haly . The Prisoner work'd for me for 2 years last past, in harvest-time, but finding him loose, on the 27th of June last I turn'd him away, and on the thursday following, in the night time, my house in the parish of Hampstead was broke open. The next morning I found a very remarkable fork which the Prisoner us'd to work with in my house, and that gave me a suspicion of him, and the saturday morning following I went in pursuit of him. I rode up and down the country a great while to no purpose, and as I was returning home at sunset, I spy'd the Prisoner about a gunshot

from me. I immediately rode up to him, and laid hold of him: He ask'd me what was the matter; and I told him he knew what he had done, and I would hang him. After this I took him down to my house, where he was search'd by two of my servants, and my spurs, watch, and 43 s. in money were found upon him. He then confess'd that about 12 o'clock at night he cut the bar of my brewhouse window with this knife, then took out a pane of glass, and got in at the window, and after that open'd the brewhouse door, and went into the kitchen which is adjoining. When he got into the kitchen, he took out a small bureau, which he carried a field or two, and then broke to pieces, and rifled of 44 s. which I had put into it but a few hours before. He told me, when he had done this, he broke open a closet in the kitchen, and took out a pair of silver spurs, and a pair of black mourning buckles; after which he broke open a corner cupboard, from whence he took my watch. When I miss'd my bureau, I order'd two of my servants to look up and down the grounds for it, and we found it in the second field from my house, broke all to pieces, and the papers that were in it flying about.

Richard Haly , junior. After the Prisoner was in custody, I heard him say, that when he entered the house he heard our clock strike twelve, and the first thing he took out was the small bureau, which he carried a field or two and then rifled. That he came in again and broke open the closet and the corner cupboard; but I did not hear him mention what he took from thence.

Richard Porter . I was servant to Mr. Haly at this time. We had been brewing, and I had been fetching some grains, and saw the brewhouse quite safe over night, and the next morning the window was cut through, and a pane of glass taken out. I saw the silver watch and spurs taken from him, and heard him own the fact, and he said it was about 12 o'clock when he got into the house.

Prisoner. I have nothing to say for myself, but must refer myself to the mercy of the court. Guilty Death .

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