Elizabeth Eccles, Richard Eades, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Eccles, Theft > pocketpicking, 1st July 1741.

Reference Number: t17410701-11
Offence: Theft > pocketpicking
Verdict: Guilty; Guilty > lesser offence
Punishment: Death; Transportation
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13, 14, 15, 16. Elizabeth Eccles , Richard Eades , Elizabeth Jones alias Carnaby , and Mary Eccles alias Pugh , of St. George Middlesex , were indicted for privately stealing a Watch with the outside and inside Cases made of Silver, val. 3 l. a Pair of Silver Shoe Buckles, val. 8 s. a Pair of Silver Knee-Buckles, val. 4 s. a Hat, val. 5 s. a Peruke, val. 36 s. a Pair of Spectacles with a Shagreen Case, val. 2 s. a blue and white spotted linnen Handkerchief, val. 6 d. a Silver Tobacco Stopper, val. 3 s. 2 Thirty Six Shilling Pieces, one Piece of Foreign

Silver Coin, val. 4 s. 5 Guineas, and 20 s. in Money; the Goods and Money of from his Person , May 28th .

J. R.. On the 28th of last May. I had been at the New-Wells, and was coming from thence to the Black-Bull in Whitechapel; when I met with the Prisoner Eliz. Eccles. She told me if I would go with her, she would shew me where I should sit down, and so I went with her to Norman Court, in Cable Stree t. She shewed me up a Pair of Stairs, and when I came into the Chamber, I saw the Prisoner Eades, and the 2 other Women lying on the Floor, covered over with a Blanket or Rug. After I had sat down a little, I desired Eliz. Eccles to fetch me a Quart of Beer, and when I had drank part of it, they drank the rest, and I fell asleep, and they robbed me of the Goods mentioned in the Indictment.

Q. Are you sure you had all those Things about you, when you fell asleep?

J. R.. Yes, I am sure I had them when I went into the Room.

Q. What Time did you awake?

J. R.. I can't say, because I had lost my Watch, but it was past 11 o'Clock before the Wells broke up, and after that I went into the Tap-House, and sat till it was pretty late.

Q. Had you not been drinking, or were you sober?

J.R.. I could not be very sober to be sure, but I had my Senses enough to know that I had my Things when I went to sleep, because I looked out of the Window, and saw People milking their Cattle, and I thought to get some Milk, but I fell asleep, and when I 'wak'd, I missed my Goods, and the Prisoners were all gone off. These two Boys were in the Room at the same Time, though I did not see them because they were covered over and hid. The Prisoners were taken and carried before Justice Manley, and when I came there, I found all these Things which are in the Custody of the Constable. These are the Shoe-Buckles; here is one Knee-Buckle, and the Tobacco Stopper, and this is the Bag which contained the Money, but here is not half the Money I lost.

Eliz. Eccles. Ask him if he knows this Shilling?

J. R.. Yes, this very Shilling was taken from me with the other Things: It is a leaden one, and I put it into my Fob-Pocket because I would not put it off. This Silver Portugal Piece was likewise taken from me.

Gabriel Pikington . I was coming down Tothill-Street, Westminster on the 28th of May, in the Morning, and met the Prisoner Jones with a pair of new Shoes and Stockings on, but no Buckles in them. I followed her down the Street, and presently the other Girl came up equipp'd in the same manner. The Prisoner Eades was with them, and they went into a Shop at the end of the Street and bought Buckles. The Neighbours desir'd I would observe them, for they believed a Robbery had been committed, and I suspecting them myself, took them up and carried them before Justice Manley, and all these things were found upon them. This Purse and the Money were taken from Elizabeth Jones , and she owned she took it out of the Gentleman's Pocket. The Watch was found on the Prisoner Eades in the Gate House, and he told me, that he pick'd it out of J. R's. Pocket. The Justice not thinking it proper to let all the Prisoners go together, committed the 2 least, Elizabeth and Mary Eccles , to Bridewell, and the 2 Boys informing us that some of the Things were deposited by the Girls in Bridewell, we sent for them again to the Justices, but before they came thither, Mary Eccles sent to Bridewell for the Buckles and Tobacco-Stopper, and own'd they were J. R's. property. The Prosecutor took this Handkerchief off the Prisoner Eades's Neck, or out of his Hand, I cannot tell which.

Samuel White . I am 13 Years old, and know if I take a false Oath I shall go to the Devil. I was in the Room, and saw the Prisoner Jones take the Bag of Money out of the Gentleman's Pocket, and his Buckles from his Shoes while he was asleep, and Eades pick'd his Pocket of his Watch.

Robert Paine . I am 13 Years old, and if I take a false Oath I must go to the Devil. I was in the Room and saw the Prisoner Eades take Mr. J. R's. Watch while he was asleep. Elizabeth Jones took his Buckles and a little Bag with some Gold in it, but how much there was, I can't say.

Prisoner Jones. Ask the Gentleman whether he had any Shoes on?

J. R. No, I had Boots, but the Buckles were taken out of my Pocket.

White. The Buckles that I saw were taken out of his Knees; I saw none taken out of his Pocket.

Paine. I saw only the Knee Buckles taken.

Pris. Eades. That Man came up about 4 o'Clock in the Morning while I was asleep; he waked me, and gave these Girls Money to leave the Room.

White. We were in the Room all the Time, and there was no such thing pass'd, but what he says is entirely false.

Q. to Paine. Upon the Oath that you have taken, did Mr. J. R. give the Girls any Money to leave him and Eades alone?

Paine. No. Mr. J. R. was asleep all the time.

Pris. Jones. This Gentleman came up into our Room at 4 o'Clock in the Morning, and gave us this Money to quit the Room. We wanted some Clothes, and we had so much Money we did not know what to do with it, so we bought some things,

and that Gentleman met us and took us before the Justice.

Elizabeth Eccles . I was coming over Tower-hill, and met Mr. J. R.; he clapp'd me on the Shoulder, and said he would go home with me: I was not willing he should, but he dogg'd me till I came to the House, and then he went up Stairs, and gave us the Money and this leaden Shilling to quit the Room, and leave him and Eades alone.

Mary Eccles . I was a-bed with Eades and Jones, and J. R. brought this Girl into the Room, and he gave her the Money to take us down Stairs.

J. R. Every Word of what they have said is absolutely false.

Pilkington. When they were before the Justice, neither of them pretended to set up this Defence.

Eades Guilty , Death ; Elizabeth Eccles , Mary Eccles , and Elizabeth Jones , guilty Felony .

[Transportation. See summary.]

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