Andrew Macmanus.
5th April 1741
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16. Andrew Macmanus of St. Leonard Shoreditch , was indicted for assaulting Christopher Mason , on the King's High-way, putting him in Fear &c. and taking from him a Hat val. 2 s. a Peruke, val. 20 s. a Rule, value 1 s. and a Pair of Compasses, value 3 s. the Goods of Christopher Mason , February 7 .

Christopher Mason . On the 7th of February last, about 7 at Night, I was coming with Mr. Peacock from Newington to Shore-ditch , and about 150 Yards on this Side the Watch-house, I met a Person that passed us both. He gave some By-Word and immediately the Prisoner jumped out of the Ditch, and ran a Pistol against my Face. I had no sooner turned myself about, but he snapped his Pistol twice, and damn'd it because it missed Fire. I desired him not to use me ill, for what I had he was welcome to. He then took from me my Hat and Wig, a Rule, a Pair of Compasses, a Socket, and a Pencil. While he was searching me, the Fellow that cut Mr. Peacock came up to me, and on my holding up my Cane to defend myself, he cut it almost asunder with the same Instrument with which he wounded Peacock, and I fell into the Ditch.

Q. What sort of a Night was it?

Mr. Mason. It was a hazy Night, but it was Moon-light enough, so that I could see them 50 Yards after they left me.

Q. Where is Mr. Peacock?

Mr. Mason. He is dead of the Wound which he received at that Time.


Mary Birt . On the 7th of February about 7 at Night, I was at Mr. Glanville's, the White-Horse in Wheeler Street, Spittle-Fields, and saw the Prisoner, his Wife, one Thomas Kennely , and another Man drinking there.

Jury. How do you know it was 7 o'Clock?

Birt. Because they sat in the Fore-Room, and it appeared to me to be 7 by Glanville's Dial.

Mr. Mason. It was about 7 o'Clock when this was done, and it is at least 3 Quarters of a Mile from the Place where I was robbed to Wheeler Street.

Frances Burn . The Prisoner was with Thomas Kennely whom I kept Company, at Mr. Glanville's in Wheeler Street, on the 7th of February, at 7 o'Clock.

Q. Are you not a married Woman?

Burn. Yes, but my Husband is gone from me, and I kept with Kennely . The Prisoner was in Company with him at 7 o'Clock, and I went backwards and forwards till 12 o'Clock, and saw the Prisoner there every Time.

Jury. What do you do for your Living?

Burn. I do every Thing that I can get to do for an honest Livelihood.

Jury. Where do you live?

Burn. I live in Wheeler-Street, and am a Room-Keeper there.

Council. Do you remember taking an Oath before the Justice of the Peace?

Burn . Yes, I took 2 Oaths before the Justice.

Council. Did not you swear before the Justice that you was married to Kennely, and that you was with Child by him?

Burn. No, I never said so, - I never answered to the Name of Kennely.

Council. Did not you tell the Justice you had given in a wrong Name?

Burn. I said I was an unfortunate Woman, that my Husband's Name was Burn; that I kept with Kennely, and I had had one Child by him, and was with Child again.

- Weston. The Prisoner is a Neighbour of mine, and a very honest Man as far as ever I knew.

Jury. What Countrywoman are you?

Weston. I was born within the Sound of Bow-Bell.

John Read . I have known the Prisoner about 4 Years, I have employed him as a Porter, and always found him honest.

Council. Have you ever trusted him by himself?

Read. Yes, to carry Lead and Bags of Nails for me, but I have not employed him these 8 Months.

John Manning . I knew the Prisoner in Ireland. He worked at Thread-making there, and since he came to London, he has attended at Stock's-Market as a Porter . As to his Character, I never knew but that he behaved himself very honestly.

John Conyers . I knew him in Ireland, and since he came to London, I have entrusted him in bringing Goods Home to me from the Markets, and never saw any Thing laid to his Charge but what was civil and honest.

Council. Have you employed him for these 6 Months?

Conyers. I can't say that I have.

Mr. Chipperfield. I was before Justice Poulson when the Prisoner was examined, and this Frances Burn swore that her Husband was in Company with the Prisoner from 7 till 12 at Night, and the Landlord Glanville swore, he did not know that he was there at all. Soon after, Burn was called in again , and then she said, I am an unfortunate Woman , and my Husband is in Ireland, and I call Kennely my Husband because I live with him, and am with Child by him. I was with Mr. Mason and Mr. Peacock just before this Fact was committed, and parted with them about 7 o'Clock, and at a Quarter before 8 Mr. Mason brought Peacock Home wounded. As to Mr. Mason's Character, I have known him a great many Years, and he is a very honest Man as far as ever I knew.

Zacchens Bourne . I am Beadle of Aldgate Parish. Mr. Mason was a Housekeeper with us 10 or 12 Years, and always was a Gentleman of a very fair Character. Guilty Death .

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