John Davis.
25th February 1741
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23. John Davis , of Hendon , was indicted for assaulting John Brown on the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, &c. and taking from him a Cloth Great Coat, Value 5 s. the Property of the said Brown, and a sacking Bag, Value 2 s. Four Lambs, Value 40 s. a Mare of a Brown Colour , Value 5 l. a Leather Bridle, Value 12 d and a Pannel, value 18 d. the Goods of John Gold , February 6 .

John Brown. On the 6th of February, about 2 in the Morning, I was stopped on the Road a little

on this Side Cobham-Deep , by 2 Men, but I can't say that the Prisoner is one of them, for it was very dark; they took me down into a Meadow and unhors'd me, took my great Coat off and ty'd my Hands and Legs I had nothing with me but 4 Lambs, which, together with the Horse I rode, they took away.

John Gold . I sent Brown out with the Lambs, and I afterwards found them in the Possession of John Beard .

John Beard . I am a Butcher, on Friday the 6th of February, Mr. Dobey came to my House and asked me to kill 4 Lambs and sell them for him. I told him I would, and accordingly the same Night, they were brought to me by Thomas Charlton . the next Morning between 2 and 3 I went to Market, and heard that a Man had been robb'd of 4 Lambs, his great Coat and Bags; so I was determined to go and ask how he came by the Lambs which were in my Custody, but the Prisoner came with Dobey's Son to my House and was very eager for the Money. I went with him to an Alehouse, and he (the Prisoner) asked for a private Room, and said if I would let him have some Money, he would conduct (deduct) it when the Lambs were sold, that I might bury the Skins, and then no body could swear to the Lambs. He likewise said he should have some more Sheep and would employ me to kill and sell them for him. I then suspected the Prisoner, and we went to Dobey's House, and I sent him for a Constable, but before he returned the Prisoner attempted twice to escape from me, and said it would do me no Good to take his Life away.

John Dobey . On the 6th of February, the Prisoner asked me to kill 4 Lambs for him; I had been ill and could not, but promised to get them done for him; accordingly I sent them to Beard, and the Saturday following the Prisoners came to enquire for them. I sent my Son with him to Beard's House; Beard came to me and informed me that there was a Hue and Cry in the Market, that a Man had been robb'd of Lambs and Bags, so we got a Constable and secured the Prisoner.

Richard Austin . On the 6th of February four Lambs were brought to my House, and about 11 o'Clock the same Day, the Prisoner told me he would send a Person for them, but I was not at Home, when they were fetch'd away.

Thomas Charlton . All that I can say, is, that I carried the Lambs from Austin's to Beard's House, by the Direction of Mr. Dobey.

Prisoner. I know nothing at all of it.

Guilty , Death .

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