John Catt.
16th January 1741
Reference Numbert17410116-11

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11. John Catt , was indicted for that at a Delivery of the Goal, &c. for the County of Sussex , held at East-Grinstead , on Monday the 14th of March, in the 10th Year of his Majesty's Reign, before Sir William Thompson , Knt. one of the Barons of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer , and Richard Commyns , Serjeant at Law, &c. appointed to deliver the said Goal; he the said Catt, was according to due Course of Law, indicted, for that he with divers other dissolute and disorderly Persons unknown, to the Number of 20 Persons and upwards, after the 24th of June, 1736, to wit, on the 27th of February, in the 10th Year of his Majesty's Reign, at a Place call'd the Great Groine , near the Sea Coast, in the said County

of Sussex , being then and there arm'd, and carrying Fire-Arms, &c. did assemble, in order to be aiding and assisting in the clandestine running certain uncustom'd Goods, imported into this Kingdom, by way of Merchandize, to wit, 2000 lb. Weight of Tea, for which the Duties were then due and payable, to the Terror of &c. and thereon, he, the said Catt, was convicted, and adjudged, &c. to be Transported to some of his Majesty's Plantations in America, for seven Years, and that the id Catt was Transported to the Colony of Virginia, &c. and the Indictment farther charged, that he the said Catt, on the 28th of Sept. in the 14th Year of his Majesty , at the Parish of St. Botolph Bishop's-gate , before the Expiration of the said Term, was at large; against the Peace, &c .

The Council for the King having open'd the Indictment, and the Nature of the Evidence, the Witnesses were call'd:

- Jones . This is a Copy of the Record of Catt's Conviction, I have examined it, and it is a true Copy.

It was read.

Sussex to wit. '' Be it remember'd, that at a '' Sessions of our Lord the King, held at East-Grinstead , '' on Monday the 14th of March, in '' the 10th Year of the Reign, &c. before '' Sir William Thompson , Knt. &c. directed to enquire '' the Truth by good and lawful Men, &c. '' of all Treasons, Mis-prisons of Treason, &c. '' John Catt being brought to the Bar in his proper '' Person, &c. and being asked in what Manner '' he would be tried, put himself on his Country, '' therefore let a Jury, &c. come before our '' Lord the King, &c. and enquire whether he '' be guilty or not, &c. and the Jury being call'd '' say on Oath, that the said John Catt is guilty '' in Manner and Form, &c. and the said Catt '' being asked why the Court should not proceed '' to give Judgment against him, faith nothing '' more than he said before, therefore it is consider'd, '' &c. that he should be Transported to '' some of his Majesty's Plantations in America, '' there to remain for the Space of 7 Years, &c.

Abram Cooper . I am Brother to the Goal-Keeper, in Sussex .

Councel. Look at the Prisoner, and tell us whether you remember his being in Goal in Sussex .

Cooper. He is the very Man that was try'd and order'd to be Transported, to the best of my Knowledge.

Councel. Are you an Assistant to the Goal-Keeper?

Cooper. I assist at the Assizes, and always am in the Bar with the Prisoners.

John Magier was call'd, and sworn.

Councel. Do you know the Prisoner?

Magier. I remember his Face; he was one of the Crew that I carried to Virginia in the Year 1737, in the Forward Galley.

Councel. Where did you Land him?

Magier. At South Potomock in Virginia, - I had him from the Keeper of the Goal; and I took him in the River of Thames, and delivered him into Mr. Forward's Attorney's Hands at Virginia .

Edward Clark . I am Goalers Assistant, and remember I carried that Man at the Bar, from Horsham in Sussex , and deliver'd him to Mr. Magier at Blackwall in May, 1737.

Thomas Quaif . I saw the Prisoner just before I took him.

Councel. Where did you see him first?

Quaif. In Surry , the 20th of September last. I followed him from St. Margaret's Hill into Bishopsgate-Street , I had a Lord Chief Justice's Warrant against him, and took him in the George and Catherine Wheel Yard.

Prisoner. I never received Sentence of Transportation, and there were two others at the same Time that never did. Guilty Death .

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