William Meers, Theft > burglary, 15th October 1740.

Reference Number: t17401015-9
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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442. + William Meers , of the Parish of Ed. monton , was indicted for breaking and entring the House of William Finch, about 11 o'clock at Night, and stealing 4 Pewter Dishes, 9 Pewter Plates, a Pestle and Mortar, a brass Warming-Pan, 1 Pair of Brass Scales, 3 Silver Tea-Spoons, 1 Silver Boat, and a Brass Pot-lid , the Goods of William Finch , October 7 .

William Finch. I live at Southgate : On the 7th of this Month I went to Bed at 9 o'clock, and I am sure every Thing was then safe: I got up in the Morning at 5 o'clock, and found the Wall of my House broke under the Dresser in the Kitchen, and my Goods taken away. I took the Prisoner on Suspicion, because he had been acquainted with my House.

Thomas Seabrooke . The Prisoner, and I, and one Coates, went from London on Monday 7-night, with a Design to rob Mr. Hart's House; but being disappointed there, we went to Mr. Finch's at next Door. The Wall of the House had been broken before, and some Boards nail'd over it: We broke them down, I went into the House, and handed the Goods out to the Prisoner, who stood at the Hole, packed them up, and brought them away. The next Morning the Prisoner, and Coates sold them to one Jonathan in Fleet Lane, for 14 s. 6 d. and divided the Money between us.

John Hart . On the 8th of this Month, Mr Finch told me, he had been robb'd, and that the Prisoner, and another had been seen in his Yard, at 10 o'clock that Night. I went to several Places, and at last found him in an empty House in Maiden head-Court, in Aldersgate-Street: we took him to the Watch-House, and there he deny'd it. The next Morning after this, the Evidence Scabrooke sent for me, and told me, he would make an open Confession; when the Prisoner heard of this, he desired to be admitted an Evidence himself, and did confess this very Robbery, in the same Manner as Sea-brooke has mentioned.

Prisoner. This Man asked me to be an Evidence; I told him, I knew nothing at all of the Matter, so he went and got that Lad, and made him one. My Aunt promised to appear for me; but I believe she is not here now. Please to enquire into this Fellow's Character. Guilty , Death .

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