WillIAM DUELL, Sexual Offences > rape, Sexual Offences > rape, Theft > grand larceny, Theft > grand larceny, 15th October 1740.

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Offences: Sexual Offences > rape; Sexual Offences > rape; Theft > grand larceny; Theft > grand larceny
Verdicts: Guilty
Punishments: Death
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487. + WillIAM DUELL of Acton , was indicted, for that he not having the Fear of God before his Eyes, &c. upon a certain Person, to the Jurors unknown, &c. did make an Assault, and her, against her Will, did ravish, and carnally know , September 7 .

He was a second Time indicted for ravishing Sarah Griffin , September 7.

He was a third Time indicted for stealing 2 s. 6 d. the Money of a Person unknown, September 7.

And a fourth Time for stealing 2 s. 6 d. the Money of Sarah Griffin, Sept. 7.

Sir Joseph Ayloffe , Bart. I had Application made to me, to grant a Warrant against Duell, and five others, for robbing, and ravishing a Woman. Curtis and Duell were apprehended; Duell made this Confession, and signed it before me.

Here the Confession was read, and was in Substance as follows, viz.

The Examination of William Duell, taken the 22d Day of September, 1740, before Sir Joseph Aylosse , Bart. one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Middlesex.

This Examinant faith, that on Sunday the 7th instant, about 8 or 9 in the Evening, a Woman asked him to shew her a Lodging, for that she intended to go for Worcestershire the next Morning: And then this Examinant shewed her to Mr Life's Barn, in Horn-Lane , in Acton, where he opened a Truss of Hay for her to lie on, and then left her; at which Time, the said Woman desired him not to tell any body that she was there: And this Examinant went to the House of one Cannon, in Acton , where he met with Henry Richards , John Wolfe , and Jack at the Captain's; that they were all going home, when they met with John Davis , and George Curtis, alias Tug-mutton: That this Examinant having told Jack at the Captain's, that he had put a Woman into Mr Life's Barn, they all (except this Examinant) whispered together; that then the said George Curtis said, that he would go and shew them a Girl in a Barn; that then they all agreed to go together, and found the Woman; Tug-mutton then ask'd who was there? the Woman replied, A poor Soul! don't meddle with me? Curtis put his Hands several Times up the Woman's Clothes, and swore, if she did not hold her Tongue, he would kill her. The Woman said she was pox'd; Curtis replied, pox'd, or pox'd not, by G - d I will - . Curtis then, with the Assistance of the Examinant, and of the rest, had Carnal Knowledge of her; during which, the Woman cried out Murder several Times. Then John Davis swore, if she would not give up to him, he would kill her; the Woman cried out Murder! for God's Sake don't kill me! Davis thrust a Pin. of the Length of about an Inch and half, into her hinder-part, up to the Head, and beat her with his Fist: After he had done with her, Henry Richards lay with her; and then John James, alias Jack at the Captain's; then John Wolfe; and lastly, this Examinant. After this George Curtis got upon the Woman again, and swore, if she would not give him what Money she had, he would kill her; the Woman answered, for God's Sake! don't kill me, I will give you my Money! but she not giving it soon, Curtis beat the Woman with his Hands, and Captain Jack swore he would kill her; then Curtis cut off the Woman's Pocket, and took out of it Two-pence Three farthings, and a Pass, which she said, she had to travel with; that they then all went to the Star in Acton , where they proposed to drink together; but this Examinant having no Money, they told him, he should not go with them; whereupon he left them, and went home, between 2 and 3 o'clock on Monday Morning.

In the Account of what passed between himself and the Woman, and of what each of the others had declar'd, such Terms were used, as fully denoted the Offence to be a Rape in each.

Samuel Lock . The Day before the Woman * died, I went up to the Barn to see her: She did not say any thing in particular against the Prisoner. I asked her whether she had been ill used? she said, they had ravished her against her Will, and had robbed her of almost Half a Crown, and Six-pence, but she did not know any of them, for it was in the Dark; and she believed she could not live over the Night.

* The Coroner's Inquest sat on the Body September 19, but not agreeing on a Verdict, adjourned to October 10, when they brought in a Verdict that she died a Natural Death.

John Chester . This Curtis lay in Mr Franklin's Barn: I asked him where he had been, and he told + me, that they had found a Woman in a Barn, and had lain with her.

+ George Curtis , otherwise Tug-mutton, was committed by Sir Joseph Ayloffe , for this Rape, on his own Confession: He died in Newgate on the Day he was to have been tried with Duell, - John James , otherwise Jack at the Captain's, was apprehended October 19. - The others are not yet taken.

John Weston . On Monday the 14th of September, I went, by Sir Joseph Ayloffe 's Orders, to Mr Life's Barn, to see this Woman: I asked her how many Boys there were? she said there were 6 or 7, that they had lain with her against her Will, and robb'd her, and beat her with their Hands and Knees. She likewise said, that Duell was the Boy who shew'd her into the Barn, and afterwards came with the others; and that they had used her so ill, that she was light-headed.

Prisoner. I had not a Farthing of the Money, for the Boys beat me about sadly.

The Prisoner's Mother. He never did an ill thing in his Life before; he is not seventeen Years old.

The Jury found the Prisoner guilty of the first and second Indictments, Death ; but acquitted him of the third, and fourth .

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