Eleanor Mumpman, Theft > burglary, 15th October 1740.

Reference Number: t17401015-16
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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449. + Eleanor Mumpman , of St John Wapping , was indicted for breaking and entering the House of Peter Rode, about the Hour of 12 in the Night, and stealing 2 Silver Spo ons, 3 Silver Tea-Spoons, 5 Knives, 5 Forks, 6 Pewter Plates, and 2 Pewter Dishes , the Goods of Peter Rode , September 16 .

Peter Rode. On the 16th of September, I went to Bed, and cross-barr'd the Door. I got up again at 3 o'clock, and found 2 Bundles pack'd up ready to be carried off: I call'd my Wife, and opened the Bundles; the Goods which were in them are mine. I directly called Mr. Shumaker; we looked about, and could find nobody; at last we went to the little House, and saw that the little Seat had been broken; we opened the Boards with a Pick-Axe, and found the Prisoner hid in the Vault; with much ado we got her out: she said she came with 2 Men and a Boy, that they opened the Window and put the Boy in, and gave him Directions to open the Door, and that our Men getting up at 3 o'clock, disturbed them.

Frederick Shumaker . Mr Rode came that Morning to me, and said, he was near being robb'd; I went with him, and he shew'd me some Things; and a piece of Beef ty'd up with them, and several other Things: He told me the Vault had been broke open; we went down, and found the little Seat broke; I put my Head in, and could see nothing; but it smelt very strong. I went Home again, and between 8 and 9 Mr. Mason came to my House; I returned with him, and examined the Bundle again, which lay ready to be taken away. We got a Pick-Axe, opened the Vault, and saw the Prisoner stir, and then one would not take her out, and another would not; so I pull'd her out , and got her some Water. To bring her to herself , we gave her some Brandy, cut off her Cloaths , and put her into a Sack to clean her. She then owned, that there were 2 Men and a Boy, whom she knew not, with her, that they put the Boy in at the Window, and gave him Directions to open the Door to them.

Mr Mason. I went with Shumaker into the Kitchen, and saw these Things ty'd up ready to be gone; there was a piece of Beef in one Parcel, and Bread, Butter, Cheese, and all Manner of Things, and Candles with them. I went into the little House, and looked down with a candle, but saw nothing; I got a Pick-Axe, and opened it, and then we saw a Body; we pulled it out, and laid it on the gravel Walk; it seemed to be without Life or Motion; we got some pails of Water, and threw on it, when it moved, and we then perceived it to be a Woman: we got some Brandy for her, but we were obliged to force her Mouth open to make her take it, and then she came to herself. Some Neighbours came in, and cleaned her, and brought her to her Speech. The Prisoner had lived with me as a Servant about six Weeks, when I lived in this House. I left it in July, and have never spoken to her from that Time to this. She confessed before Justice Dennet, that 2 Men and a Boy were with her, that the Servants coming down at 3 o'clock surprized them, and the Men made out at the Door, and she went backwards; whence not being able to escape, she chose rather to perish in the Vault than be taken.

Joseph Taylor . Mrs. Rode came and told me, that there were some People in her Husband's House; I went there, and saw that the Seat in the little House had been broke; we took up a Board or two, and the Prisoner is the Person we pull'd out of the Vault: she said, that 2 Men and a Boy had been there with her, that the Boy was put in at the Window, and that Directions were given him to open the Door to them.

The Constable confirmed the above Evidence, with Respect to the Prisoner's Confession, and the Jury found her Guilty , Death .

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