John Singleton, Theft > pocketpicking, 16th April 1740.

Reference Number: t17400416-5
Offence: Theft > pocketpicking
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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195. + John Singleton , of St Giles in the Fields , was indicted for privately stealing a gold Watch, and gold Seal, value 15 l. from the Person of Henry Lampton , Esq ; April 4 .

Mr. Lampton . On Friday the 4th of April, about 7 o'Clock, as I was coming out of the Sardinian Ambassador's Chapel in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields , the Prisoner ran against me, and I found immediately my Watch was gone out of my Fob. Upon that I seiz'd him; and a Person who was standing in the Croud, on the other side of the Way, brought me my Watch, and told me he saw the Prisoner sling it out of his Hand.

Prisoner. Ask him, if he did not clap hold of both my Hands at that Time?

Mr. Lampton . No; I did not. I seized him by the Collar.

Prisoner. All the People who were going by, said I was accused wrongfully.

John Barret . On Friday the 4th of April, I was coming by the Popish-Chapel , between 7 and 8 o'Clock, and saw Mr. Lampton lay hol d of the Prisoner by the Collar. I stood to see what was the Matter; the Gentleman held him with one Hand, and while he was stooping , (as if it was) to feel in his Fob with the other, I saw the Prisoner with his Right-hand throw a Watch over the Gentleman's left shoulder. Then he said, I have it not, - I did not pick your Pocket! - The Case opened, and the Watch flew in two Pieces; and I ran to take it up, but this Man, (Hadley) took it up before I got to it.

Mr. Lampton . While I had him by the Collar, I stooped to feel for my Watch with the other Hand, and found it was gone.

Prisoner. Was there not a Woman going by, who said I was wrongfully accused?

Mr. Lampton . Yes, there was a Woman in the Croud who said so, and I believe I saw the same* Woman in the Bar just now.

* Margaret Newel had just before been in the Bar, to be arraigned, See her Trial below.

John Hadley . I am Servant to Mrs. Collier in Green's Building , and at that Time I was standing opposite the Mass-House Door, and saw a Watch flung by me, but whence it came I knew not. It fell by me, in separate Parts; I took it off the Ground and held it up; and Mr. Lampton having seized the Prisoner by the Collar, at the same Time, I asked him, if it was his Watch? He owned it; I am sure I delivered him the same Watch I saw thrown; and that there was one Seal to it.

Mr. Lampton . The Watch and Seal which this Witness delivered to me was my own.

Prisoner. Put him, (Hadley) to his Oath, whether Barret was not talking with him at the same Time?

Hadley. No; I was not.

Prisoner. 'Tis very odd, that I should throw such a Thing away if I had had it.

The Jury found him Guilty , Death .

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