Richard Turner.
5th December 1739
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87. Richard Turner was indicted for stealing twelve Silver Handle Knives and Forks, value 8 l. twelve Silver Spoons, value 4 l. a Silver Soop-spoon, value 40 s. six Silver Candle-sticks, value 12 l. three Silver Salvers, value 6 l. a Silver Sauce-boat, val. 30 s. two Silver Salts, value 20 s. a Pair of Silver Snuffers and Hand, value 40 s. a large Silver Cup and Cover, value 12 l. a Silver Caster-stand , and three Casters , value 5 l.

the Goods of Francis Barnard , Esq ; in the Dweling-house of Benjamin Haslop , Oct. 22 .

Lewis Currant . I pack'd up the Plate (in the Box, from whence they were stole) in my Lady Charlemont's House, some time in July last. There was a Shagreen Cafe, with twelve Silver Handle Knives and Forks, - I don't very well know what they are worth, - about 40 s. I believe; there was twelve Silver Spoons, worth about 40 s. more, - I don't know the Value; a Soop Spoon, - worth about 30 s. six Silver Candlesticks, worth 12 l. three Silver Salvers, worth 6 l. a large Cup and Cover, 10 l. a Sauce-boat, 3 l. two Salts, 30 s. a Pair of Snuffers and Dish, worth 20 s. three Casters and Stand, worth (I believe) 30 s. - I can't tell the Value exactly. These Things were carried to Mr. Benjamin Haslop 's House in Fleet-street, after I had nailed them up in Lady Charlemont 's Presence. I saw the Box afterward in Mr. Haslop's House, but the Plate was gone.

John Price , I saw the Plate packed up in a Box; then I took it and put it into a Coach with Lady Charlemont; it was delivered at Mr. Haslop's and I (myself) carried it up Stairs into the Garret. Mr. Arthur Barnard (Brother to Mr. Francis Barnard ) lock'd up the Box in the Garret, and took the Key of the Door with him. About three Weeks ago Mr. Arthur Barnard unlocked the Door, and bid me bring the Box out of the Garret; he went into the Room with me: I found the Box in the Place where I left it, but it being very light, I said, - Sir, where's the Plate? 'Tis not in the Box. We opened it, and saw 'twas all gone.

Mr. Haslop. I did not know that such a Thing was lodged in my House. I knew I had several Things of Value in the House, and I heard of this Box being brought in, but I did not know what was in it. When the Goods were missed, I immediately thought who had taken them: I had great Reason to suspect the Prisoner, for he was my Apprentice, and I forced him to sue out his Indentures, (on Account of his dishonest Practices) when he had almost served out his Seven Years with me, and he went from my Service the 17th of September last. Last Monday was se'enight Mr. Barnard and Lady Charlemont came to my House to fetch away this Box, and the Plate was then missing: Upon which I suspected the Prisoner, and he was taken up the Saturday following, and was carried before Sir William Billers . He confessed nothing to me, but when he was before Sir William, he confessed the Fact, and his Confession was taken in Writing, but he refused to sign it. He confess'd Abundance of these Things; I can't name all the Particulars. He work'd in a Garret next the Room in which the Plate was kept; and he owned he begun with the Cover of the Cup, and that he hammer'd it down upon his Lap-stone, and then knocked off the Handles of the Cup: The Candlesticks (he said) were the next Things he took. I can't say I heard him mention how he got the Door open, but he confess'd he took the Plate out of this Garret into his Room, - the Knives and Forks, the Cup, Salvers, and Candlesticks, and had sold them to one Abraham Pope , who kept a little Silversmiths Shop, at the Queen's Head in Newgate-street, near Grey-Fryars . He said, he had tried several Silversmiths, but not one of them would buy the Plate of him, except this Pope, and he (Pope) gave him 3 s. and 6 d. an Ounce for it.

John Lock . On Saturday Night, the 24th of November, about Eight at Night, I was sent for to a Room up two Pair of Stairs, in a House in Hanging-Sword-Alley, in Fleet-street. Mr. Haslop had told me of the Affair some time before, and had laid wait to catch the Prisoner. When I came there, I found two Men, a Woman, the Prisoner, and Mr. Haslop, who was surpriz'd with Joy, at having taken him. He at first would confess nothing to us: But I took him down Stairs into another Room, and in a little Time Mr. Barnard coming to us, I left him and the Prisoner together. Soon after this, Mr. Barnard came and told me, he had confess'd. Then I took him into Custody, and in my hearing he own'd how he open'd the Door. He said, there was a Padlock upon it, which he open'd with a Nail, and the common Lock, he strain'd open with his Breech. He confess'd he carry'd a small Piece of Plate out first, and offer'd it ten or twenty Goldsmiths at least, but none would buy it. At last he offer'd it to Pope, and he bought it of him for 3 s. 6 d. an Ounce. He told us, That he afterwards carry'd the Cover of the Cup to the same Place, and sold it him for 3 s. 6 d. or 4 s. an Ounce, - I can't tell which. He mention'd the Cup, the Cover, and the Candlesticks, and said he had bruised them, and carry'd them all at different Times to Mr. Pope. Upon this Confession, I had him to my Lord-Mayor's, but he was not at home: From thence I carry'd him to Sir William Billers, and he was so good as to give us a Hearing: Before him the Prisoner confess'd all the Things, and describ'd the Man he had sold them to, - Mr. Pope, at the Queen's Head in Newgate street. He confess'd all the Things in general before Pope's Face, - Six Candlesticks, a Cup and

Cover, and the Knives and Forks; and told Pope, that when he took one of the Knives out of the Handle, to weigh the rest by, the Cement flew all over him. I carry'd him to the Compter that Night, and on Monday I had him before Mr. Alderman Westly , where he confess'd the whole Affair again; but Alderman Westly referr'd him to Sir William; and on Tuesday I carry'd him to Guild-hall, and Sir William being obliged to go out upon Business, we were heard by Sir John Eyles , and the Prisoner's Confession was taken in Writing, but he refus'd to sign it.

George Kent . On Saturday Night, about Nine o'Clock, Mr. Haslop sent his Apprentice, to desire me to come to the Crown in Hanging-Sword-Court. I went thither, and found Mr. Arthur Barnard in the House. The Prisoner confessed to him, in my Hearing, that he undid the Padlock with a Nail, and forced open the Lock upon the Door with his Breech: That he then took out some Pieces of Plate, and carry'd them to several Goldsmiths, who refused to buy them. He said he first broke off the Handles of the Cup, and offered them to all the Goldsmiths in Foster-Lane, but none of them would buy them. At last he offered them to Pope, and he bought them, without making any Scruple. After this he said, he bruised the rest of the Plate upon his Lapstone, and carry'd it to Pope, who gave him 3 s. 6 d. an Ounce for some, and 4 s. for other Pieces: The Salvers, the Candle sticks, and the Top of the Cup, he mentioned in particular, and that he had bruied the Plate to get it out of the House undiscovered. The Dozen of Knives and Forks he said he sold to Pope all at one Time.

John Morris , John Hill , Thomas Lyon , John Thorp, Richard Vaux , John Hamilton , Robert Dickenson , James Porter , Thomas Smith , Margaret Vaux , and William Willson , gave the Prisoner the Character of an honest Man, as far as they had heard of him, or known him. Guilty , Death .

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