Joseph Eades.
5th December 1739
Reference Numbert17391205-45
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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49 + Joseph Eades , of Finchley , was indicted (with James Edwards , not taken) for stealing a Horse-whip, val. 5 s. the Goods of George Rotheram , Nov. 30 .

George Rotheram . Last Thursday, as I was going to London, with another Farmer, between Whetstone and Barnet, I was attack'd by two Men. The first that came up I knew: What, Master Thompson, said he, won't you give me the Way! then the Prisoner came up, with a Pistol in his Hand, and said, - What Money you have I will have; so I gave him my Money: You have more, said he; I told him I had no more, and turn'd my Pockets out: Well, you have got a Whip, I'll have that. When they had done with me, I went to the Mitre at Barnet , and sat there an Hour and half; then I was told, that the Prisoner was taken with the Whip upon him. This is the Whip, and 'tis mine.

Thomas Miller . One Mr. Palmer was riding Post, and was attack'd near Mimms-Wash, by two Men. The Post-boy, as he came by, told us Mr. Palmer had been robb'd, and there the two Men went that had robb'd him. I and my Fellow-servant assisted in pursuing them; and on Finchley-Common we saw them, overtook them, and seiz'd them. When I came up to them, the Prisoner pull'd out a Pistol, and said he would shoot me through the Head: I had a long Gun, and told him, If I dy'd, he should die. Upon this he put his Pistol up, and I threw down my Gun, and run in upon the Prisoner, and seiz'd him, and held him till my Assistants come. This Whip he had in his Hand at the same Time.

Herbert Palmer . I was present when the Whip was taken upon the Prisoner: I think it the same. We took a Pistol from him at the same Time.

Rotheram . The Prisoner took my Money first, and then my Whip. I am sure he is the same Man. It was between Eight and Nine in the Evening: the Moon shone very bright, and I took particular Notice both of him and his Horse.

Prisoner. I never robb'd any body of a Farthing in my Life, and the Whip I found near Barnet .

A Witness. The Prisoner lived with me (at Times) several Years. I have intrust'd him with Money, and never sound him dishonest.

Another . He has work'd for me several Times, and I have intrusted him to receive and take Pounds for me; he always used me and my Customers very handsomely.

Another . I know him from a Child; his Father and Mother were very honest People, and I never heard any thing amiss of him.

Another . I have known him a Dozen Years, and never heard of any Dishonesty by him.

Another . I have known him seven or eight Years: He was my particular Acquaintance. He serv'd the Bricklayers as a Labourer ; I never heard of his being dishonest.

Another . I have known him from his Infancy, and never heard that he ever behaved dishonestly till now.

The Jury found the Prisoner Guilty , Death *.

*A Man tried for Felony, and found Guilty, in one Country, if it appears from the Evidence to be a Burglary, or a Robbery, committed in another County, the Felon is deprived of the Benefit of his Clergy.

+ He was a second Time indicted for stealing a Gelding of a Roan Colour, val 5 l. the Goods of Thomas Atkinson , Nov. 26 .

Thomas Atkinson . I miss'd my Horse out of the Field, and did not hear of him till about a Week afterward; and then I happen'd to hear there was such a Horse at Bornet. I went thither, and found it was mine; upon which Justice Smith bound me over to appear against the Prisoner. I can't say the Prisoner stole it. I found it at the Green Man at Barnet.

- Miller. I took the Prisoner upon the Horse; and when Atkinson came to Barnet, I shew'd him the Horse, and he own'd it.

Atkinson . The Horse which Ailler shew'd me was the same which I lost. He was a Red-roan Gelding, fourteen Hands and three Inches high, and his Age Six come Seven.

Prisoner. I found the Horse with a Bridle and Saddle upon him, at the Head of the old Pond in the Chase.

Atkinson . He had no Bridle or Saddle on when I lost him.

Prisoner. I found him about three Hours before I was taken. Guilty , Death .

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