Peregrine Audley.
21st February 1739
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154. Peregrine Audley , of St. Butolph without Aldgate , was indicted for assaulting William Mawley on the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Hat value 2 s. a Peruke value 3 s: and a Shilling in Money , Feb. 11 .

William Mawley. The Prisoner is the Man that robbed me of my Hat, Wig, and a Shilling, at the upper End of Rosemary-Lane , last Sunday Night was Se'en-night, between Eight and Nine o'Clock. He walked-up to me, and looked me full in the Face and, mumbling something, he gave me a Blow on the Breast, which surprized me, and then he took a Shilling out of my Pocket? and when I found my Hat and Wig go, I caught hold of his Coat, but he was too brisk for me, and got loose. I pursued him to the Place where he was taken, getting over a Wall into Justice Riccards's Yard. It was Moon-light, and I knew him again, and picked him out from all the People that were there. I saw the Colour of his Coat, - a White Loose Coat; a blew Waistcoat, and a speckled Shirt. I saw him at the Justice's, in half an Hour after I was robbed, and remember he had a Scar on one Side of his Face; which I took Notice of, when he robbed me. I can't say I minded on which Side it was, when he robbed me, but I knew him again, and swore to him.

John Scot . I know the Prisoner is the Man we took in Justice Riccards's Garden, last Sunday was se'en-night, between Eight and Nine o'Clock. We carry'd him into Mr. Riccards's Parlour, and I was present when Mawley first saw him there. Several of our Men were standing together with the Prisoner, and he ( Mawley ) picked him out, and said, that was the Man who robbed him of a Hat, Wig, and a Shilling. The Prisoner had the same Coat on, that he has now; a Blew Jacket, and a Cap. The Hat I found in a back Place, and the Wig in another, about six or seven Yards from the Place where I took him: I brought them into the Parlour, and Mawley owned them. (He swore to them again in Court.)

Richard Walker . I live with Mr. Riccards; and hearing there were Thieves in the Garden, I ran in, and seeing the Prisoner, I laid hold of him, and carry'd him into the Parlour. The Prosecutor, when he came in, picked him out from among Twenty or Thirty People.

James Bradford Last Sunday Se'en-night I heard a Cry of Thieves being the Garden, and I went out and found the Prisoner coming out of the Vault, I laid hold of him, but he was too-strong for me, and got away from me: So the last Witness came up and took him directly; and when Maudley came in, he picked him out from among thirty or forty People.

A Witness. I was the Officer that took him into Custody: I found the Prosecutor bare-headed, with only a Handkerchief about his Head, and he was positive the Prisoner was the Man that robbed him.

Prisoner. I had been at the Glass House about a Quarter of an Hour, before the Maid said there were Thieves in the Glass House. I thought they had been only playing the Rogue: However, I went to the Door, and a Gentlewoman said, - 'twas a long time before any body came to the House. Madam, says I, I came as soon as I could; then Mr. Riccards bid me go and see if any Body was in the Vault: so I went and poked about there, and these People came and took me, and then the Justice deny'd that he had sent me there. Guilty , Death .

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