William Udal.
21st February 1739
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143. * William Udal + was indicted for assaulting Thomas Thorn on the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, &c. taking from him a Silver Watch with a Tortois-shell Case, value 40 s. a Hat, value 2 s. a Brass Seal, value 2 d. and four Shillings in Money , Dec. 26 .

* Udal was admitted an Evidence against John Slade and Henry Fluellin , last September Sessions, for a Street Robbery, in which he was concerned with them. See Sessions Book, No. 7. p. 122.

He was try'd the same Sessions for stealing a Hat, from William Young in his Dwelling-House, and convicted; but received corporal Punishment.

William Thorn . I was robbed of my Watch, and a Brass Seal, and my Hat, and four Shillings, or more at Holloway ; but I can't swear to the Prisoner, for 'twas Night; I was going from Holloway to Highgate, when they were taken from me. The Watch was found at a Pawn-Broker's in Shoe-Lane This is the Watch I then lost.

Richard Wornel . I took Mann [the Evidence] and Udal. Mann told me they had robbed two Men about Highgate, and told me where this Watch was pawned. I found out the Prosecutor, and went with him to the Pawnbroker's, where he saw the Watch and claimed it.

Thomas Mann . The Day after Christmas Day the Prisoner and I were going to the Castle at Holloway; as we went along, we called at a House and had some Pork Stakes. We returned about Seven or Eight o'Clock, and robbed a Man of a Hat; Udal took the Man's Watch out of his Pocket, and some Money. He was the Man that robbed the Prosecutor, and He carry'd the Things Home to his Lodgings, at Mr. Morris's

in White-Lyon-Court; and next Morning he and I carried it to a Pawnbroker's, in Shoe-Lane, and he pawned it for ten Shillings, while I stood at the Door. He brought out ten Shillings, and gave me five.

Richard Wernel . When I took Mann and Udal, Mann was carried to one House, and Udal to another. Mann desired to be admitted an Evidence, and it was granted. He gave me Directions where the Watch was pawned for ten Shillings. I went to the Pawn-broker's, and demanded the Watch, telling the Man it was stole. He refused to produce it, upon which I sent for Mr. Thorn, and he described it. and said it was in a Tortois-shell Case, and a Piece was broke out; then the Pawnbroker produced it, and Thorn immediately owned it; but we could not have it, unless we paid twelve Shillings, and twelve Shillings I was obliged to pay for it. The Prisoner desired to be admitted an Evidence, and said he could hang three or four; but, as he had been admitted an Evidence several Times before, his Request was deny'd. He wanted to have been made an Evidence against Mann, and said he could put three or four more into his Information. He did not deny the Fact at all.

Mann. The Prisoner would have killed the Man, for fear of being discovered, had it not been for me.

Thorn. Yes; He threatened me; - 'twas upon the long Causeway.

Udal. The Evidence and I were Debtors in the Marshalsea Prison; we broke out and made our Escape. He has done this for Lucre, - for the Sake of the Reward, that he may clear himself of his Debt.

Mann. Udal broke open the Goal himself, and let me out with him.

The Pawnbroker, William Key , was sent for, and brought into Court. He urged that he was but a Servant to Mr. Crockat. Crockat appeared, and was told, That his Profession was a most scandalous one; That Pawnbrokers were the Encouragers of Felons, and it would be well if they would be warned to get into honester Callings and Employments. Crockat and another Person were bound for Key's good Behaviour and Appearance next Sessions .

He was a second Time indicted for assaulting John Bradford on the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, &c, taking from him a Hat, value 1 s. a Drugget Coat, value 5 s. and five Shillings in Money , Dec. 26 ,

John Bradford . I was going the 26th of December from London to Finchley, and between the Halfway House and Upper Holloway , I was met by two Men. One of them run against me and jumbled hard upon me, as if he was fudled. I pushed him away, and bid him stand up. He came upon me again, and said - you're the Man, - you're the Man. Then they both attacked me, and robbed me of my Hat, Coat, and about Five Pence in Money. The Prisoner is very much like one of the Men. When the Prisoners were taken, Mann [the Evidence] told me where I might find my Coat.

Mann. As the Prisoner and I were going to Holloway, we met this Man; he attacked him, and said, - d - mn your Eyes, if you don't pull your Coat off, I'll kill you. I said, - no, don't hurt him. G - d d - mn you ( says the Prisoner) I'll kill him and you too, and he threw up his Hanger, and was going to chop the Man down. We pawned the Coat for three Shillings.

Bradford. The Pawnbroker said he had lent four upon it.

Mann, Then he cheated me of a Shilling.

Bradford. I found my Watch according to the Accomplice's Direction.

The Evidence was cautioned in a pathetick Manner, against following those Courses, which would inevitably bring him to the same melancholy End the Prisoner was like to come to.

He was found Guilty on both Indictments. Death .

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