Mary Gordon.
17th January 1739
Reference Numbert17390117-35
VerdictNot Guilty

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111. * Mary Gordon was indicted for privately stealing a Silver Watch, value 4 l. from the Person of John Walker , Jan. 1 .

* Mary Gordon was try'd last Sessions (with Jane Bates ) for stealing a Guinea, and a Thirty six Shilling piece from the Person of John Seymour , on the 10th of November last; and they were acquitted. See Sessions Book, No 1. p. 4.

Walker. I had been to see my Friends on the first Day of this Year, and as I was walking Home - down Bishopsgate-street, I met the Prisoner, and went into a House to drink with her. I staid but a very little while with her, and then, I said, - Well, Mary, we'll be for going. No, stay a little, (says she) I expect a young Woman to call upon me, and then we'll go together. By and by the other Woman came in, and I looked upon my Watch, and found 'twas past 10 o'Clock, so I told them I must go home, and put up my Watch into my Coat Pocket. Says the Prisoner immediately, - you need not put your Watch into your Coat Pocket, here's nobody will wrong you of it; lend it me, and we'll lay it down on the Table. A little after this, I took it up, and put it into my Pocket, and the Prisoner and I went down Bishopsgate-street, and the other Woman left us (I am sure I had it when I came out of the Tavern Door with her.)

Well; I went with her to her Lodging in Catherine-wheel Alley ; - the Stairs come down into an Entry, and just at the Bottom of the Stairs she got hold of my Watch, - I got hold of the Chain - the Chain broke, and she ran up Stairs with the Watch. I called for the Watch (Watchmen) and Constable; the Constable came, and the Prisoner jumped out of a Window, one Story high, and fell down into a Cellar-window, and cut her Arm. Then she ran into the Catherine-wheel Alehouse: We followed her and took her; and she was sent that Night to the Compter. Next Morning I went to her, and persuaded her to let me have my Watch again; but I could not get it 'till she came to Guildhall; then she sent for it, and it was delivered up to the Constable there, and he has got it, and the Chain too. I was pretty much in Liquor, but not so far gone, but I could remember all I have said; I am sure the Prisoner is the Woman that took it from me.

Prisoner. I never saw him till I saw him in the Alehouse; and the Reason I jumped out of the Window was, because there was an Officer after me.

Joshua Pearson , Constable. I was sent for by one of the Watchmen to assist him. When I came, the Prosecutor charged me with the Prisoner, for robbing him of his Watch. I was afraid of a Rescue, so I ordered her to the Watch-house, and seeing the Man in Liquor, I bid him consider how he charged the Woman; but he gave me the same Account that he has now given, and was positive to the Woman. Then I asked him, if he could send to any one, who would speak to his Character, but no one coming, I sent them to the Compter together: The next Day I carry'd them before Sir John Eyles , at Guildhall, and there he said the Woman took the Watch from him in the Street. I told him, I was surprized to hear him say so, when he had told me last Night it was taken from him in the House. Why, says he, 'tis no Matter, - I have got the Watch.

Ann Smith . On New Year's Day at Night, about 8 or 9 o'Clock, she brought me home some Linen, (no one at all was with her) and she had not sat long in the Room, before she thought Bailiffs were coming to arrest her, and so, - she jumped out of the Window.

William Gordon . I am no Relation to the Prisoner, - only a Namesake. I was at this Smith's House, waiting for her Husband's coming in, that we might drink together. About 8 or 9 the Prisoner went in with Linen, and staid, there an Hour or two, then somebody crying out Bayliffs ! She jumped out of the Window, and the Alehouse People stopp'd her for breaking their Windows; after this the Man came in, and charged her with stealing his Watch. I am a Butcher; she washes my Linen sometimes, and I know no Harm of her.

John Baine . I cry Fish in the Street, and never heard any Hurt of her. Acquitted .

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