John Adamson.
17th January 1739
Reference Numbert17390117-11

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80. John Adamson was indicted for that he not having God before his Eyes, &c. On the 3d of October , in the Liberty of St. Martin's le Grand , in and upon Catherine Walgrave , an Infant under the Age of 10 Years, viz. of the Age of 3 Years and 10 Months , feloniously did make an Assault and her the said Catherine, wickedly, &c. did carnally know and abuse .

Thomas Walgrave . We found the Child out of Order; she had a Swelling in the Groin; which increasing, we sent it to a Surgeon, who sent for me; when I came to his House, I had there the Opinion of two Surgeons that the Child was foul It was Matter of great Concern to me, and I suspected the Prisoner, who was my Apprentice . I taxed him with abusing the Child, and he fell down upon his Knees, and owned he had abused her three Times for Satisfaction in his own lustful Way, in the Garret. He would have signed the Confession he had made, but we did not insist upon it.

John Hayes , Surgeon. On the 11th of November, Mr. Walgrave sent the Child to me by the Prisoner. I found a Bubo on one Side of the Groin, and an Inflamation on the other, &c. &c. She was very much ulcerated and lacerated, &c. &c. I asked the Prisoner how long the Infant had complained? He said, - a great while, he could not tell how long. I knew her Ailment, so I sent for her Father, and assured him, his Child had the Foul Distemper. I had Doctor Bartlet's Opinion too, and he concurr'd with me. This Witness confirmed Mr. Walgrave's Testimony with relation to the Confession of the Prisoner, and said further, that there were several large Ulcers on the and that the Child was now under the Care of Mr. Dansie in the Hospital.

Elizabeth Walgrave confirmed the former Evidence; as likewise did John Martin ; he adding, That he asked the Prisoner (when he made the Confession) whether the Child did not cry? and he answered, No, she could not.

Ruth Norton proved the Prisoner's Confession, and said, the Prisoner told her, he prevented the Child from crying out.

William Richardson gave an Account, that the Prisoner ran away when the Matter was discovered, and confirmed the other Witnesses with respect to the Prisoner's Confession when he was taken; adding farther, That, to his Knowledge, Mr. Walgrave had paid for the Prisoner's being cured twice of the Foul Disease.

Thomas Hopper deposed, That after he had heard the Prisoner had made a Confession, Mr. Walgrave called him (the Witness ) into the Room, and he heard Walgrave say, - John, in case you'll confess the Truth before Mr. Hopper, I will be favourable to you. And upon that, the Prisoner confessed as before related.

Prisoner. My Master said he would be favourable to me, if I would confess, and I depended on his Mercy. Guilty , Death .

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