Joseph Golding.
12th April 1738
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22. Joseph Golding , was indicted (with John Markham and James Daws not taken) for assaulting William Burroughs in a certain Street in the Parish of St. Stephen, Coleman Street, putting him in Fear, &c. and taking from him a Silver Watch value 30 s. a silk String, value 2 d a Bathmetal Seal, value 3 d a Penknife, value 1 s. a Horn Whistle tipt with Silver, value 1s. a Tobacco-stopper, value 2 d a Piece of old Coin, value 6 d. and 11 s in Money , Nov 6 .

William Burroughs . I had been to see a Woman Home who liv'd in Spittlefields, and was returning back about eleven o'Clock; as I came along under Bedlam Wall, I heard some Men coming up the Fields, so I put the String of my Watch into my Fob for fear of being robbed. When I got to Bedlam Gate , four Men came up to me, one of them endeavoured to strike up my Heels, but I kept him off with my Hands; another of them clapp'd his Hand before this Eye, and a Pistol was put close to the other; in this Manner they held me, while they robbed me of the Things mentioned in the Indictment. They took from me my Watch, with the String and Seal, a Clasp Penknife, a Wire Tobacco-stopper, a Whistle made in the Shape of a Bugle Horn, tipp'd with Silver, and a Flemish Pocket-Piece, which had Dantzick Skilling on the one Side, and a Crown, with a Flourish round it, on the other. I saw their Number by the Light of a Lamp at the Corner of the Place where they rifled me, but I don't know any of them. I have been to see Swift (the Evidence) and Golding, since they were taken, and I don't know any Thing of Swift, nor can I say the Prisoner was one of the Men that robbed me, nor was any of my Things found upon him. I can call Witnesses to prove that I have often said, that I knew none of them.

Councel. Have you never said, that you believed Swift, the Evidence, was one of them?

Burroughs. No; I never said any such Thing.

The Evidence Swift, who was carried out of Court while Burroughs was under Examination, now was called in.

Richard Swift . On the 6th of November, Golding the Prisoner, James Daws , John Markham ,

and I, met at Daws's House in Barbican, and we all went out to rob somebody or other; we agreed first of all to go to the King's Road, where we robbed a Man and a Woman of Seven-pence Three Farthings; then we came to Moorfields, and by Bedlam Wall we met Mr. Burroughs. The Prisoner put one of his Hands over one of the Prosecutor's Eyes, and clapped his Pistol to the other; Markham stood behind him, the other Man took the Goods from him, and I took his Money, which was Eleven Shillings. When we had robbed him, we bid him go about his Business; then we went to Daws's House, and shared the Money; the Watch we carried to Rumford, and there we sold it for a Guinea and a Half; Daws kept half a Guinea for his own Share, we three divided the Guinea between us, and had 7 s. apiece.

Councel. How came you to be taken up?

Swift. I was not taken up for this Robbery. There were seven Aprons of Madam Beavis's taken from Charter-House Square, and the Woman that had pawned them quarrelling with me and my Wife, she went and told Mrs. Beavis, that I stole them; I was taken up for this Fact, but they were not able to swear any Thing against me, so I was discharged, and as I was coming Home, they desired me to make myself an Evidence, that I might get rid of my Companions, so I made my Information before Justice Poulson. The Prisoner pawned the Waistcoat and Shirt that is now upon his Back, to buy a Pair of Pistols for us to go out with I have been acquainted with him a Year, but this was the first Time we ever went out altogether.

Thomas Sullivan . On the 26th of March, the Prisoner came to my House about 4 o'Clock in the Afternoon, with another Man, and told me, he was informed, that Swift, being taken up for stealing some Linnen, had made an Information, in which he was included, and that if he should be taken, he should be hang'd. Why your only Way, says I, is to make yourself an Evidence; and I went with him to Justice Farmer's at No. 14. in Princes-Square. We saw only his Clerk, and told him the Story, and that we desired the Prisoner's Information might be taken. Mr. Warrener (the Clerk) refused to do any Thing in it, without we would give him a Guinea. I told him, that as the Prisoner came voluntarily, I would give him a Guinea the next Day, and in the mean Time I would give him my Note to pay him two Guineas, if I was not as good as my Word; but he insisted upon having the Guinea down, so I was forced to send my Watch Home to my Spouse, as a Token for her to send me a Guinea; when the Guinea came, Mr. Warrener had it, and took the Information, and as soon as the Prisoner had sworn to it, he and I, and another Man, went in Search of the Persons he had nam'd in his Information, I remember this very Robbery was mentioned in it.

The Court express'd their Resentment of Mr. Warrener's Behaviour; and declar'd it to be the Duty of all, who serve as Clerks under Gentleman in the Commission of the Peace, to be always ready to execute their office without Extortion.

Charles Revington . On the 26th of March, I heard the Evidence Swift was taken on suspicion of stealing some Linnen. I saw him in New-Prison about 11 o'Clock, and wanting to make himself an Evidence, he went before Mr. Justice Poulson, but some People being with the Justice, he did not care to make the Discovery before them; upon which he was remanded back till 2 o'Clock; we then had a Warrant to take the Prisoner, and went to Old-street Square to enquire for him, but he was not at Home. He and the Evidence had been acquainted about a Year; I have frequently seen them together. About three Weeks ago I saw Daws, Swift, the Prisoner and another, together in an Alehouse.

Richard Warner . I have seen them often together, both by Day and Night.

Thomas Pinkney . The Prisoner was my Apprentice, and serv'd me honestly, 'till he got linked with this Evidence. I believe he never robb'd me. Robert Ealing , James Martin , Isaac Prior , George Webb , Edward Price , John Baldwin , and Painter Cade , spoke to the Prisoner's Character, and said they never had heard ill of him before.

Thomas Loxley , a Soldier. The Prisoner work'd with my Son a quarter of a Year and behav'd well. When his Apprenticeship should be out, he was to come into our Troop: He was qualify'd for a Trooper, if he had not met with this Misfortune. The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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