Thomas Oliver, John Parrot.
13th January 1738
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16. 17. Thomas Oliver and John Parrot otherwise Perrot , were indicted for assaulting Matth.ias Holst , on the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, &c. and taking from him a silver Watch, val. 6 l. a pair of silver Shoe-buckles, val. 14 s. a Cane, val. 3 s. a Hanger, val. 5 s. and 5 s. 6 d. in Money , Sept. 27 .

Mr. Holst On the 27th of Sept. between 7 and 8 in the Evening, the Moon being very bright and near the Full, I was going toward Holloway ; one Man met me, and got to my Side, then drew a Pistol out, and presented it, with - D - m you Sir Stand. Immediately 2 Men more came up with Pistols, and I think 'twas the Man that stopp'd me first - he felt for my Watch. One of the others laid hold of my Hand, in which I had my Cane and Hanger, which they bid me deliver, or else I should be a dead Man. I had 3 Pistols about me at once. When the first Man had got my Watch, he felt in my Fob, but found no Money there. Then he felt in my left Pocket, and took out 5 s. and 6 d. and the others disputed who should have my Cane and Hanger. D - mn it, says one, I'll have his Shoe-buckles. One of them (who insisted on my having my Cane and Hanger again) told the other, he should not take my Buckles, and this (favourable) Man, presented his Pistol to him who swore he would have the Buckles, and said, if he took them he would shoot him. They asked me what I had got in my right Breeches Pocket, and in my Coat Pocket? I told them - nothing but a Handkerchief and a black snuff-box: Immediately upon that, one of them cry'd! - Who's a coming! And away they all went towards London, but before they went off, they return'd me my Cane and Hanger. I stood still to look after them, but one of them came back, and said - d - mn you Sir, go along toward Holloway. I know nothing of the Prisoners, but when Waterman the Evidence was apprehended, I went to him in New-gate, and he made a Confession of the Fact, with all its Circumstances.

John Waterman . The[Text unreadable in original.] soner) John White , and William Parrot and my self, on the 27th of Sept robb'd Mr Wheeler, (who was on Horseback) upon the Bridge between Islington and Holloway, of his watch and 20 s. Then we went on and met Mr. Holst, John White , William Parrot , and I stopp'd him, and took his Watch, 2 half Crowns, and a pair of Silver Buckles from him. John Parrot and Tom Oliver were of our Company, but they did not come up. White, Will. Parrot, and I robb'd him. The Watch we valu'd, and every Thing was equally divided among us all, at John Parrot's House, the Bell and Boy, an Ale-house in Brick Lane Sometime before this we robb'd Mr. Ellington (a Watch-maker) at Hackney, of a Watch, a Guinea, and some Silver. Oliver and I have been acquainted ever since Midsummer, and 'tis unknown what we have got every Night. When we robb'd Mr. Holst, 'twas Moon-light, and I believe it might be about 8 o'Clock. We lay at the Prisoner Parrot's House that Night, three in a Bed, and he was then as well as I am. We were 7 of us that used to go out; that Night 5 only were abroad. Grafton Kirk, who was one of our Company, had a Fancy for this Gentleman's Watch, and he offer'd 3 l for it.

Levi Lemster . Mr. Harris having a Warrant against Oliver, we took him at Sam Baker 's in Milk-Yard. He resisted very much, and 3 Men try'd to rescue him, his Wife attempted to cut one of us down the Back. These Papers, and a Pistol, a Powder-horn, and a Pistol Screw, we took out of his Pocket.

One of the Papers was read.

" Grafton Kirk and John Pierce , took from a " Man in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields about 12 s. From " another Man a Silver Watch. 2ly, Grafton " Kirk, Pierce and Wint, took from a Man in " Enfield Stage Coach, 10 Guineas. Shaw, Kirk, " and Harrison, took from a Man in Bow Road " 9 s. and from a Man and a Woman in Stepney " Church-yard, a pair of Silver Buttons, &c.

Lemster. I know no Harm of Oliver my self; but I have heard, that he used to go out with Kirk and Gerrard.

Will. Haslehurst. The Night this Gentleman was robb'd, Waterman and 2 more came into my House, the Queen's-Head and Green-Man at lower Holloway. They had a Pot of Beer, and rose up in a Hurry, and threw down 6 d. telling me they would call for the Change another Time. About

half an Hour after they were gone, Mr. Holst came up, and said he had been robb'd.

John Bellenger . (The Witness in the Trial of Bell) I know both the Prisoners, and have been at Parrot's House in Brick-Lane, where I have seen them both Oliver I have seen likewise at the Queen's Arms in East Smithfield, at Cock-fighting. I was at the taking of Oliver; we had a great Fight with him before we secur'd him, and he endeavour'd to make his Escape. His Wife endeavour'd to cut me in the Back with a Case-Knife, and I broke her Head for it. I thought the Money he betted a Cocking, did not come by Shoemaking.

Serjeant Bell was call'd by Parrot's Councel to give some Account of the Evidence Waterman's vowing Revenge against him, (Parrot) but his Evidence was not to that Purpose.

Sam Morland was Parrot's Butcher, and he paid him for his Meat.

Sarah Woldridge deposed, that Parrot was so full of Pain the 27th of Sept. that he walk'd with a Stick, and went to Bed between a 11 and 12 at Night; that he was ill of a Kick he had receiv'd in his Groin, and that she staid with him, because he was in Affliction. That she had seen Waterman. 5 Times there; and she remember'd the 27th of Sept. because Spittle fields Market was to be open'd 2 Days after.

The Surgeon, Apothecary, and several other Witnesses, were call'd in the Behalf of Parrot, and many appear'd to Oliver's Character. Both Guilty , Death ,

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