William Cudmore.
7th December 1737
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6. William Cudmore , was indicted for privately stealing 5 Cloth Coats, value 10 l 2 Cloth Wastcoats lac'd, value 6 l. a Drugget Coat, value 20 s. 2 Sagathy Coats, value 20 s. a silver hilted Sword, value 20 s. 3 silver Spoons, value 30 s 19 silver Tea-spoons value 18 s. a silver Saucepan, value 3 l. 2 silver Salts, value 30 s. a silver Pepperbox, value 20 s. and 2 pair of silver Buckles, value 10 s. the Goods of Gerrard Bottomley , Esq ; in his dwelling House , October 8 .

Mr. Bottomley. About the Beginning of October I was robb'd of several Things. The Evidence Sharp, was my Servant, and he took the Opportunity, when I was out, to let the Prisoner and his Companion Watson into the House. The first Robbery was committed on a Tuesday; the second, on the Friday following. Two or three Days after they had robb'd me, I met the Prisoner in the Street, and he told me, if I did not take Care of

my sself, I should be robb'd and murder'd in the Night; I thought it was only a Stratagem of his to get Money from me: but however, when I came Home, I told Sharp what Information I had receiv'd, and he said if I had any Suspicion of him, he would go out of the House; at that Time, I had not any Suspicion at all of Sharp's being concern'd. There is a Suit of Black Cloaths in Court, which the Prisoner pawn'd to one Johnson.

John Sharp . I have known the Prisoner about 14 Months, and since the Beginning of our Acquaintance, we have frequently drank together o'Night. He liv'd as a Servant to Mr. Bottomley, about 3 Months ago, and I liv'd with him as a Servant about 9 Weeks ago. While the Prisoner was with Mr. Bottomley, Watson and I call'd upon him at Mr. Bottomley's House, and I had some Discourse with him. Two Days after this, we went to Mr. Bottomley's again, but Cudmore was discharged. We found him at an Alehouse in the Neighbourhood and drank with him, and after this Time, he come every Day to the House where Watson and I lodged, to intreat either of us to endeavour to get into Mr. Bottomley's Service. Accordingly Watson went to the Gentleman, but he was then engaged. A fortnight afterwards I call'd upon him, and he told me he wanted a Servant, and he appointed me to meet him at a Coffee House by Lincolns-Inn, where we agreed. We had resolv'd before, that whoever should be taken into the House, should rob it. 'Twas my Misfortune to get the Service, and I went there about 11 o'Clock in the Morning: About 5 the same Day, Watson came to the House, (Mr. Bottomley being abroad) and told me that the Prisoner was within Call, but as he was known in the Neighbourhood he was afraid to come yet. About 6 the Prisoner sent a Boy to me, and I sent him Word back, that I was afraid my Master would come Home, and if he should find him, or Watson with me, I might lose the Place. Upon this the Prisoner came himself and insisted on our robbing my Master directly, and he told me, he knew there were Goods of considerable Value in the House, particularly 2 Rings worth 300 l. which lay in a Scrutore, and Bank Notes and Money, and that when we had done the Business, we might all go over to France, and need not stay here to be expos'd. This was about 6 o'Clock in the Evening, and according to our Resolution, he went to the Kitchen and took out of the Table-drawer, 2 Chopping Knives, and He, Watson and I, went up 2 Pair of Stairs and took a Chest from the Wall; Then with the Chopping Knives he broke it open, and made Watson and I hold up the Lid, while he took out 6 or 7 Suits of Cloaths, then we set the Chest in it's proper Place again. There were several Suits taken out, Black and other Colours, and some Linnen, but I was in too great a Hurry to take particular Notice of the Things. The Prisoner and Watson carry'd them down Stairs on their Arms into the Kitchen, and desired me to look out of Doors to see if the Street was clear; I told them I saw no Body near, upon which they both went out of the House with all the Cloaths, and left me behind them in the House. I had desired Watson to bring me a clean Shirt the next Morning, because I was to go with my Master to the Bank, and he came accordingly. I asked him what he and the Prisoner had done with the Cloaths? He told me that they had carry'd them off in a Coach, and that Cudmore had pawned one Suit for 46 s. I did not see the Prisoner from the Time he carry'd away the Goods, till the Friday Morning following: My Master sent me then, to Market for a Shoulder of Mutton, and as I was buying some Apples, Cudmore came by; I told him I expected to have seen him before now; says he I have sold and pawn'd all the Cloaths, and lost the Money; so how could I come to you? Am I (say'd I to him) to be used so, by a Villain? - I was pleased to use that Expression, - and struck him over the Face.

Prisoner. I was not in the House, I staid at the Door; and the Evidence Sharp, and Watson brought down the Cloaths to me to sell for them, and I dispos'd of them - purely out of Friendship to the two Men.

Daniel Jones . I live in Monmouth-Street, and sell Second hand Cloaths. A Neighbour of mine, one Flemming, that keeps a Publick-House, came and told me that two Men had brought a parcel of Cloaths in a Coach to his House for Sale; so I went to look at them: The Prisoner at the Bar and a young Fellow took me up Stairs to see them: There was an old Suit of Cloaths, and three old Coats; they were all old Fashion'd Things, except a Black Coat. The Prisoner said he would not bate a Farthing of 4 Guineas for them, but I bought them for 3 l. 5 s. Some Time after this, Mr. Bottomley, and Mr. Keat came and asked me, if I had bought any Cloaths at the Checquer Alehouse in King-Street? I said yes, and shew'd them the Cloaths; Mr. Bottomley said, they were his and I delivered them immediately.

Mr. Bottomley. These are my Cloaths.

- Caddy. I live with Mr. Johnson, a Pawn broker in Wych Street. On the 5th of October the

Prisoner brought these Cloaths (another Parcel) to pawn; I think he had 45 Shillings on them. He said they were a Gentleman's of his Acquaintance.

Mr. Bottomley. These likewise are my Cloaths.

Prisoner. I don't think that I am any Ways guilty of a Robbery; I hope I am not, - if I had I should have been willing to have taken Part of the Money. As for this 45 Shillings which I had upon these Things, I sent a Guinea of it to Sharpe, and I really did lose all the rest. I went to the Piazzas, but I had no great Notion of the Play, - so I lost it presently. I humbly hope you'll take it into Consideration, and transport me, rather than hang me.

James Caset , gave the Prisoner a Character of a quiet, civil Man.

The Jury found him Guilty , Death .

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