Elizabeth Osborn, Ann Clark.
7th December 1737
Reference Numbert17371207-23

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28, 29. Elizabeth Osborn and Ann Clark , of St. Mary White chappel , were indicted for stealing a Promissory Note dated 15th of Nov. 1736, for 50 l. sign'd James Mount , payable on the 10th of April to John Wilson . One other Promissory Note, dated 28th of March, 1737, for 100 l. sign'd Timothy Dennison , payable to the said Wilson. One other Promissory Note, dated April 25, 1737, for 50 l. sign'd William Dockwray , payable to the said Wilson, with Interest on Demand. One other Promissory Note dated Oct. 5. 1737, for 10 l 1 s. 7 d. sign'd Arthur Grainger , payable two Months after Date, and endorsed on the Back John Wybourn . The said respective Sums secur'd by the said Notes, being then due, and the Property of the said John Wilson , Nov. 23 .

They were a 2d Time indicted for breaking and entering the House of John Wilson, about 7 at Night, Nov 23 , and stealing a Gold Ring, value 10 s. a Gold Chain, value 5 l a pair of Silver Buckles, value 5 s a 36 s. Piece of Gold, 7 Guineas, 2 quarter Guineas, and 27 s. in Money, the Property of the said Wilson .

John Wilson. My House was broke open about half an Hour past 7 o'Clock. I left the Things mentioned in the Indictments, in a Nest of Drawers in my Lodging Room: When I came Home, I found I had been robb'd, and the Lock seem'd as if it had been push'd back with a Chissel.

- Mason. I live in Mr. Wilson's Neighbourhood; hearing of the Robbery between 8 and 9 o'Clock the same Night, I went to him, and he

shew'd me the Door, some Wood on one Side was shiver'd; I told him the Fact must have been committed by some Body that knew his House. He had a Suspicion of one Plew, but when we went to look after him, we found him a-bed and a-sleep. I enquir'd for the Prisoner Osborn, who lodg'd on the same Floor with Plew, but we were inform'd she was gone. This gave me a farther Suspicion of her, and I came again between 11 and 12 to enquire for her. I found her and her Landlady disputing about something; I told her she knew something I believe about her Master Wilson's being robb'd, (for she had been a Servant with him) and I Flung the Bolster off of her Bed, there I found a Pocket, with 4 Guineas, a quarter Guinea, 2 half-Crowns and some Farthings Upon this I went to Mr. Wilson, and told him I believ'd I had found the Thief, and I got two Watchmen and charg'd them with her. She begg'd for Mercy, and told us, that she had left the Woman that was concern'd with her in the Robbery, at the Rising-Sun in Bishopgate street. We went there and forc'd into the House, I ask'd for the other Prisoner Clark, but they denied her. The Woman of the House said, she had been there, but she was gone to Winford-Street. As we were going there, we met her with the Gold Chain about her Neck, and carried her to the Watch house. Upon her I found 6 l. and upwards, and observ'd her to fling something away from her, which prov'd to be the Notes mentioned in the Indictment. In her Room I found the Chissel that (I suppose they had open'd the Door with) Osborn said Clark perswaded her to do it, and she own'd she open'd the Door with the Chissel. Clark had the Chain upon her, and Osborn own'd that the Money I found in her Room was Part of Wilson's Money.

Ann Wilson . The Constable and Watchman confirm'd Mr. Mason's Evidence.

Osborn. Ann Clark the Prisoner perswaded me to do this.

Clark. Osborn put the Chain about my Neck, while I was in Liquor. Guilty , Death .

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