Joseph Shaw.
7th December 1737
Reference Numbert17371207-22

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27. Joseph Shaw , of St. John Hackney , was

indicted for assaulting Edmund South , on the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, &c. and taking from him a Silver hilted Sword, value 20 s. a walking Stick, with a Pinchbeck Metal Head, value 1 s. the Goods of Thomas South , a pair of Silver Buckles, value 6 s. and a silver Pocket Piece, value 2 s. the Goods of Edmund South , Oct. 24 .

Edmund South On Monday Night the 24th of Oct. about 6 o'Clock as I was walking to Stoke Newington , two Fellows assaulted me, and clapp'd Pistols to me. I believe the Prisoner was one, and this Evidence (Harrison) is another. 'Twas very Moonlight when they attack'd me; they robb'd me of the Things mentioned in the Indictment, and I am very positive that the Evidence Harrison was one of them

James Harrison . The first Time I ever engag'd in this Way was Sunday Night the 23d of Oct. last, and we did not do any Thing that Night - we had 10 s. between us then. Next Morning Grafton, Kirk, Terry Gerrard and I met, and we kept Company all that Day together. (I was not in the Robbery of Captain Gough and Mr. Adams.) On the 24th of Oct. we parted Company: Kirk and the Prisoner said they would meet the rest of us in Islington Church yard. In order to meet them I went by the Farthing-Pye house; there was an Uproar there about an Informer against a Seller of Gin; I staid in the Croud, and Grafton Kirk and the Prisoner came out of the House, and we joined Company again; we drank a Pint of Wine there, and then we proceeded; and the Prisoner and I stopp'd Mr. South in a Field, while our Companions was in the Road. When we two met the Prosecutor, he had his Cane and his Sword in his Hand, which he took from him. I took one of his Buckles out of his Shoe, and then Terry Gerrard came running up to us and took the other. Shaw began to rifle him first, he presented a Pistol to his Breast; there was another Gentleman with the Prosecutor, but he prevented his going away, by presenting his Pistol to him, telling him he would shoot him if he went away.

Mr. South. I believe there was three of them about us.

Prisoner. I don't know where Islington is; I never was there in my Life.

A Witness. The Prisoner acknowledged that he was with Harrison and Kirk, and was concern'd in taking the Gentleman's Buckles and Sword.

- Whittle. I was robb'd at the same Time on Horseback: I know no more, but that about a Week afterwards I was desired by some Men to come over the Water to the White-Horse for Information about my Watch, so I went, and from thence to the New Jail, and the Prisoner told me, my Watch was pawn'd upon Tower-Hill, and I went according to his Directions and found it. I can't say any Thing concerning Mr. South's Robbery.

Harrison. There were generally five of us in Company, and some of us us'd to be employ'd in one Place, and some in another. This is Mr. South's Cane, I sent for it 12 Miles - out of the Country.

George Holderness . Mr. Justice Lade sent to a Constable to apprehend the Prisoner, and he desir'd me to go with him. We went to Dark house-lane and took the Prisoner; as we were carrying him to Goal, he asked us, why we did not take Harrison, for he was (he said) concern'd in the Robberies with him, and ought to suffer as well as he. He told me if I would come to him in the Morning, he would tell me of an hundred People concern'd in Robberies on the Highway. Guilty , Death .

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