Grafton Kirk, Tery Gerrard.
7th December 1737
Reference Numbert17371207-18
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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21, 22. Grafton Kirk , and Tery Gerrard , were indicted for assaulting Harry Gough , Esq ; in the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, &c. and taking from him a Gold Watch chased, value 30 l. and a Guinea , Oct. 21 .

They were a Second Time indicted for assaulting Abraham Adams , putting him in Fear, &c and taking from him 10 Guineas, and 4 s. in Silver , October 21 .

Mr. Gough. On Friday the 21st of October, I was attack'd by 4 Footpads in the Enfield Stage-Coach; in a Lane, about a Mile and a half on this side Enfield . Their Persons I don't know: They broke the wooden Window of the Coach, and then forc'd open the Door. One of them rush'd in, and the others stood without. The Man that demanded my Money had a Pistol in his Hand. I told them if they would be civil they should have it, and I pull'd out my Purse and told them there was a Guinea in it. The Fellow that took it, said, we must have more from such Gentlemen as you, I told him he could have no more, unless it was a little Silver. He damanded that, and as I was putting my Hand in my Pocket, he

caught hold of the String of my gold Watch and pull'd it out by Force: Then he took what Silver I' had, and attack'd Mr. Adams.

Mr. Adams. On the 21st of October, as Mr. Gough and I were going to Endfield, we were attack'd in the Evening between 5 and 6 by 3 or 4 Footpads: They stopp'd the Coach, but I can't say I remember any of their Faces. One of them stepp'd into the Coach; cut my Breeches, and took from me 10 Guineas, and 1 Guinea and some Silver besides. I saw them rob Mr. Gough and take his Watch from him: When they went off, they went towards London.

Mr. Gough. I went to Newgate to see the Prisoners, and there Terry Gerrard confess'd to me, that he was in that Robbery; he told me where my Watch was, and who it was sold to. Kirk was taken up on the other Side of the Water, for another Robbery.

James Wint . The 2 Prisoners, John Peirce and I, robb'd the Endfield Coach, between Endfield and Edmonton ; 'twas in the Evening between 5 and 6 o'Clock. I saw Mr. Gough and Mr. Adams in the Coach: There were none but they in it. There were 3 Horses to the Coach and I was at their Heads, while they robb'd them. Mr. Gough was robb'd first, and because they could not readily find Mr. Adams's Money, Kirk cry'd, tear his Pocket, or cut it down: He stood with his Hat thus, and as Gerrard took the Money, he put it into Kirk's Hat. The other Man stood at the Coach Door. When we first stopp'd the Coach, Gerrard took a Pistol from under his Coat, and held it to the Coachman to make him stop. The Coachman flourish'd his Whip at him, but seeing the Pistol, he stood still: Then he broke the Window with his Pistol, and burst open the Door and jump'd into the Coach. John Peirce stood likewise with a Pistol, cock'd and loaded, and Gerrard's Pistol was loaded too. When we had robb'd them, we went directly towards London. I never was in their Companies before, to commit a Robbery: This was the first Time, and I hope 'twill be the last. The Money we shar'd 2 or 3 Fields distant from the Place where we stopp'd the Coach, and the Watch was sold the Saturday afterwards for 6 Guineas, and I had a Guinea and a half of the Money. Gerrard and Peirce sold it to a Jew, whose Name is Moses.

James Mead , Coachman. I drove the Coach; 'twas stopp'd by 4 Footpads. I can't swear to the Prisoners, and a Man in such a Coat as this Wint has now on, held the Horses. They broke the Coach Window, and burst open the Door. I flourish'd my Whip, and was about to whip the Man that laid hold of the Horses, but another came and took hold of my Leaders; 'twas the little Man that jump'd into the Coach.

William Wint . I am Wint, the Evidence's Brother. Upon his Information, I went after Peirce and Gerrard. About 9 o'Clock I took Gerrard, in Fleet-street, in Bethnal Green Hamlet. I found out his Lodging, and broke open the Door; he was in Bed, but I jump'd in, and threw my self upon the Bed; then I threw off the Bed-cloaths for Fear he should have had Fire Arms, and catching hold of his Hands, I call'd in my Assistants. I told him I came to enquire after Capt. Gough's Watch; then, says he, I am a dead Man, and his Wife ran to the Bed-side and took a silver Watch, which she put into her Bosom. Well, says the Prisoner, this won't save your Brother's Life, because you have taken none but me; yes, says I. Grafton Kirk is in Goal. When we had secur'd him, I look'd about the Room and saw his Coat hang up; we search'd it and found a loaded Pistol in the Pocket, which was draw'd at Justice Farmer's. Philip Moreau gave much the same Account with the foregoing Witness, adding, that Gerrard own'd before Justice Farmer, that he was the Man that took the Watch and the Money from Capt. Gough, and he wish'd he had done for others, as they had done for him; that there were others of the Company that deserv'd hanging more than Jonathan Wild , and nam'd a Man that keeps a public House in Brick-lane, as the Author of his Ruin.

Levi Lamskin , confirm'd the proceeding Evidence.

William Maggs . I am a Watchmaker, and having advertis'd Capt. Gough's Watch, a Person brought it to me, one Loyd a Watchmaker in Smithfield, Loyd told me he had it from a Jew that he work'd for, and that this Jew had receiv'd it in Pawn from another Jew for 16 l. I paid 15 Guineas for it. He told me the Jew's Name, that he had it from, was Solomon Moses , a Fellow with one Eye, that goes about with a Bell-harp.

Peter Perrimonie , spake to the taking of Gerrard in the Manner before related, and inform'd the Court, that he acknowledg'd he was concern'd in this Robbery; and that they had sold the Watch to a Jew that lives in a pav'd Alley in the Minories for 6 Guineas. He likewise produc'd the Pistol that was taken out of his Coat-pocket.

Geo Coleman . About the 26th of October I was passing down Kennington-Lane, and met (between 8 and 9 at Night) a Man and a Woman, who told

me there were Highwaymen in the Lane: I ask'd how many there were? They told me, two, and that they had robb'd him. I said, I had nothing about me but my Hanger; however, I went with him after them: At a Place call'd Sot's Hole we had a Description of them, and pursu'd them. Before I came up with them I drew my Hanger, and at the End of the Turning I overtook them, and one of them bid me Good-night, and ask'd me if I wanted any Thing with them? I seiz'd one of them, and ask'd the Man that was with me, if these were the Men that had robb'd him? He said, yes; and then the Man that I had seiz'd began to struggle with me, and the Prisoner Kirk drew his Pistol, and fir'd it full in my Face, all the Shot are now in my Face: I was stunn'd with the Shot, but as soon as I recover'd my self, I imagin'd he was going to load again, so I quitted my Man, and ran upon the Prisoner, to prevent his firing upon me again, and cut him twice over the Hands, before I could make him quit his Pistol. I carry'd him to the-White-Hart in Kennington-lane, and from thence he was sent to Goal. He own'd he was the Man that shot me in the Face, but I heard nothing at all of Capt. Gough's Affair.

Isaiah Bennet , John Munns , Abraham Fenton , James Walton , Tho Sullivan , Geo Jefferies , Nathan Gaze , Sam. Buckley , Jane Thurtle , and Ann Arnold , spake to the Prisoner's ( Kirk's ) Character, but no one appear'd to Gerrard's.

The Jury found them both Guilty . Death .

Terry Gerrard>, was again indicted for assaulting (with John Peirce not taken) George Elliston , in a certain Field near the King's Highway, putting him in Fear, &c. and taking from him a Silver Watch, value 3 l. a Silver Chain, value 3 s. a Silver Seal, value 2 s. another Seal set in Bathmetal and Steel, value 3 d. a pair of Shoe-buckles, value 10 d. two pieces of Copper, and 3 s. in Money , Octob. 26 .

Geo Elliston , and Peter Parrimonie , prov'd the Fact to the Satisfaction of the Jury, and they found him guilty of this Indictment. Death .

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