John Lane, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 7th December 1737.

Reference Number: t17371207-11
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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14. John Lane , was indicted for assaulting Ann Porter near the King's Highway, putting her in Fear, and taking from her a linnen Bag, value 7 d. a linnen Handkerchief, value 6 d. a Gold Ring, value 14 s. half a Guinea, and 26 s. in Money , Nov. 11 .

Ann Porter The Prisoner had been at Mr. Price's, at Palmer's Green from Sunday to Friday: I was a Servant in the House and was then coming from thence. The Prisoner said he would go with me and shew me the nearest Way; he carry'd me into Hornsey-Wood , and there he threw me down, and took the Ring from my Finger, and the Money out of my Pocket, and a Handkerchief off my Neck; then he d - n'd me for a Bitch and away he run. When he had thrown me down, he clapp'd his Thumb under the Root of my Tongue, and his Fingers upon my Nose, and press'd me so hard that the Blood ran out of my Nose like a Tap. I scream'd out, and in about a quarter of an Hour, up came 3 Men, and I told them I had been robb'd, and they went in Pursuit of the Prisoner, but could not find him. I went back to Mr. Prices, and the next Morning he sent out 2 Men and Horses, but they could not light of him. At last he was taken at Holloway.

James Whitton . I took the Prisoner at Holloway, and he confess'd to me that he had committed this Fact, and desired I would be civil to him and let him send for his Father. When the Headborough had him in Charge at Mother Redcap's he own'd it again.

William Thompson , Headborough. I search'd him at Mother Redcap's, and took from him there, this Knife and this Handkerchief.

Porter. This is my Handkerchief.

Thompson. When his Father came to him, he own'd the Robbery.

Thomas Wilford . The Prisoner confess'd the Fact before Justice Elliot.

Robert Mugg . I was informed that the Prisoner was drinking at an Alehouse at Holloway, so I went there, and told him, I had heard he had robb'd this Girl last Friday, and he own'd it.

William Curnock . The Prisoner, when he was charged with Robbing this Girl he own'd it, and told us that was the Handkerchief which he took from her.

Prisoner. That Handkerchief she lent me while I was at Mr. Price's, and the Money she gave me to marry her at Newington; but coming thro' the Wood I had some Words with her, and I told her I would not have her, and would have given her the Money again, but she would not take it.

Porter. He did not say a Word of Matrimony to me, nor I to him.

The Jury found the Prisoner Guilty , Death .

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