Thomas Watson.
12th October 1737
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30. Thomas Watson , was indicted for stealing (with William Cadmore and Charles Carter not taken) 5 Cloth Coats, value 10 l. 2 cloth Waistcoats laced with Gold, value 6 l. a Drugget Coat, value 20 s. 2 Sagathy Coats, value 20 s. a Silver hilted Sword, value 20 s. 3 Silver Spoons, value 30 s. 19 Silver Tea Spoons, value 18 s. a Silver Saucepan, value 3 l. 2 silver Salts, value 30 s. a silver Pepper box, value 20 s. and 2 pair of silver Buckles, value 10 s. the Goods of Gerrard Bottomley , Esq ; in his Dwelling House of St. Ann's Westminster, Oct. 8 .

Mr. Bottomley. I can only say I lost the Things mentioned in the Indictment. John Sharp was then my Servant.

John Sharp. The Prisoner and one William Cadmore and I committed this Robbery. Cadmore came with the Prisoner to my Master's House about 5 o'Clock, in Dean-Street by St. Ann's Church, Cadmore had been a Servant to my Master, and he said, he knew Mr. Bottomley had Cloaths to a great Value, and that he would break open the Chest and take them out. Accordingly he took 2 large chopping Knives or Cleavers, and went up Stairs, and wrenched the Chest open. The Prisoner and I assisted, we held the Chest open while Cadmore took out 6 or 7 Suits of Cloaths, which we pack'd up and carried down Stairs. All three of us partook in the carrying them down. Then Cadmore and the Prisoner took them on their Arms, and carry'd them out of Doors, - this was about 7 o'Clock at Night. Which Way they went with them I can't tell, for I staid in the House. The next Morning Watson the Prisoner came to bring me a clean Shirt, and told me that Cadmore had pawn'd a Suit of these Cloaths for about 46 s. and had lost all the Money at a Gaming-house in Covent-Garden. He told me likewise, that he himself had pawn'd another Suit for 14 s. this was on the Thursday. The next Morning my Master being gone to the Bank, I went to Cadmore's Lodgings in a Court in Fleet street, over-against the Horn-Tavern; but he was not at Home, he and the Prisoner I was informed, had just taken out two Bundles of Cloaths in a Coach before I came. Upon this, I went Home to Mr. Bottomley's, and staid within 'till 6 o'Clock. Then I went to the Red-Lion Ale-house, and the Prisoner came to me, and after I parted with him, I return'd Home. I did not see either of them again 'till the Friday following; I had been to Market for a Shoulder of Mutton and some Apples, and met Watson the Prisoner; while I was buying the Apples, Cadmore went by, - says the Prisoner, - there's Cadmore, I went to him and told him, I expected to have seen him before that Time. He told me, he could not come to me, for he had sold the Cloaths, and lost all the Money; and upon that we quarrelled.

Q. How came you to make this Discovery?

Sharp. I was stopp'd with some of the Things my self at a Pawnbrokers. I stole 2 silver Salts, and carry'd them to a Pawnbrokers - beyond Tower-Hill, in order to pawn them, and the Man stopp'd me and the Salts too; he had just seen an Advertisement, in which the Goods we stole had

been mentioned, so he took me, - and then I made the Discovery.

Q. Who assisted you in stealing the Salts?

Sharp. The Prisoner; for on Saturday after we had taken the Cloaths, he met me at the Red-Lion, and asked me whether I would go on with the Proposal, that he and I should rob my Master again? Yes, says I, for as Cadmore has run away with the Money that was made of the Goods we took before, if I am to suffer, I may as well suffer with Money in my Pocket; so he and I took the Pokers, and we broke open the Chambers one pair of Stairs; and after that we broke open the Closets and a Writing Desk, out of which we took what we could find. Then we went up 2 pair of Stairs, and broke open a Closet, out of which we took 3 large Spoons, and some Tea Spoons; (but how many I can't swear to) and two pair of silver Buckles, some Papers, and 2 Salts. The silver Saucepan we got below Stairs, and the silver Pepper-box. Then we went to the Chest again, and took out more Cloaths, 2 lac'd Waistcoats, and 3 or 4 Coats; we took likewise a silver gilt Sword; all these Things Charles Carter took away for us, and by our Orders, in a Basket, he carried them to the Cellar where he lives, - in Dyot Street, St. Giles's, he sells Greens there. After he had carry'd them away, I went and took the Saucepan and sold it for 3 l. 4 s. 7 d. I sold the Tea-spoons likewise, but I have forgot what I had for them. I sold a pair of Tea-tongs which were broke, and the Salts I carry'd to pawn, and was stopp'd with them. As for the Cloaths, - the Prisoner Watson carry'd them all away from the Cellar in a Portmanteau

Prisoner. Did not you go and enquire for Cadmore, and say that 'twas he that wrong'd you?

Sharp. When I heard that Cadmore had disposed of the Goods, and had given me no Part of the Money, I went and enquired after him, and I left Word that I had Money coming out of the Country, and that he had wrong'd me of much of it.

Prisoner. Had I any share of the Plate?

Sharp. No, that I kept to my self; but you had your Part of the Cloaths.

Thomas Warner . On Wednesday Morning last, John Sharp came to my Shop to pawn a couple of Salts, I had just read the Advertisement, and these answering the Description, I asked him how he came by them, and he not giving me a satisfactory Answer, I carry'd him before Justice Dennet, there he made his Information, and Mr. Bottomley owned the Goods.

Stephen Sweetland . When Sharp was carry'd before Justice Dennet, I assisted the Constable, and the Justice ordered me to go and tell Mr. Bottomley that the Thief was catch'd. As we were carrying him to Newgate, he directed us where we might find the Prisoner, and accordingly we found him within half an Hour, in Fleet street, at the White-Horse-Inn, and as we were carrying him before Sir Richard Brocas , I asked him if he knew one John Sharp? He said yes, and told us that Sharp was going to France, because he had done something that prick'd his Conscience. After the Prisoner was committed to the Compter, we went to him there, and asked him about the Robbery. He own'd he was there the Tuesday and Saturday, when the House was robb'd, and was conceal'd 4 Hours in the Cellar. He told us, that Sharp let him in about 7, and hid him in the Cellar 'till 11, and then Mr. Bottomley went out. We asked him about the Cloaths; he said he saw them, but he had no Hand in that Affair. We desired to know who had? And he told us he was so 'frighted he could not tell. Carter he said was the Man that carry'd them off, and he saw them all go, and knew they were stole, and were to be lodged in Carter's Cellar. He own'd likewise that he was up 2 pair of Stairs, after Mr. Bottomley was gone out, but he could not tell what was become of the Cloaths that were taken away.

Q. Did he say only that he was above, 2 pair of Stairs?

Sweetland. He said it was done by Consent of all three, - himself Sharp and Cadmore.

Stephen Brown , Constable. When the Prisoner was sent to the Compter, I went for Mr. Keate and Mr. Bottomley, and we all went to him in Prison; there he confess'd to us that Cadmore, Sharp, and himself had consulted to rob Mr. Bottomley, and that according to the Consultation, he was present both Times when the House was robbed. He said he did not know what was become of the Cloaths, only that they were carry'd away by Carter, who keeps an Herb Cellar in Dyot-street.

Defence. Sharp asked me to come to see him, I did, and while I was in the House Cadmore came in; Sharp and Cadmore went out together, and lock'd me in 'till they came back, while I was in the House, I saw them bring down some Cloaths, and put them into a Coach, but where the Coach carry'd them I cannot tell. He afterward told me that Cadmore had run away with 5 l of his Money, and bid me come on Saturday Morning to him. When I came, he bid God bless me, and told me he was going to France; so we went to drink together at the Red-Lion, and there he

asked me to go Home with him again. I did so, and saw 2 Bundles in the Parlour ready ty'd up in a green Cloth, and this Carter and Sharp were both together in the House, and when I went away, I saw Carter with the Bundle on his Head. I am as innocent as the Child in the Womb. The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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