John Watson, Charles Orchard, Theft > housebreaking, Theft > burglary, 16th February 1737.

Reference Number: t17370216-23
Offences: Theft > housebreaking; Theft > burglary
Verdicts: Guilty; Not Guilty
Punishments: Death
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25. John Watson , of Stepney , was indicted for breaking and entering the House of Robert Cook , on the 5th of Feb . about 4 in the Afternoon, no one being then in the House, and stealing a Silver Tankard, value 4l. 2 Silver Spoons, value 18 s. Six Tea Spoons, value 12 s. 2 Silver Salts, value 18 s. a Silver Snuff-box, value 4s. a Silver Dram Cup, value 3 s. a Gold Ring, value 5 s. a pair of Silver Knee Buckles, value 6 s. 2 Lancets, value 2s. and 2 Knives, value 12 d. The Goods of the said Cook .

Robert Cook . I went out about 2 o'Clock in the Afternoon, to buy some Meat of Mr. Neal at Wapping, and left my House safe, both Windows and Doors were fast: When I came Home, I found my House broke open; suspecting the Prisoner, I pursu'd him directly, and I found him in a Goldsmith's House, and all the Goods upon him. This was on Saturday before last, the same Night that he commited the Fact.

Q. How came you to find out the Goldsmith?

Cook. I had been pursuing the Prisoner, and not finding him, was returning Home; but I was stopp'd, and told that the Gentleman (the Gold-smith) had sent for me, and that he had stopp'd my Man with the Goods upon him. I live at Blackwall , and the Prisoner was my Apprentice ; he was bound to me, no longer ago than last Wednesday was a Month.

Jonah Walker . The Prisoner at the Bar brought all this Plate to my Shop, and asked me to buy it.

Q. When was it? - What Day of the Month?

Walker. It was the Saturday before last, about 6 o'Clock in the Evening, he came into my Shop

with this Tankard (bruised in this Manner) in his Hand; I asked him his Name, he told me first his Name was Taylor, then he said it was Cook, and a Boy going by, told me that the Prisoner lived with one Mr. Cook, at Blackwall, so I sent a Porter to fetch him, and he owned all the Plate.

The Prisoner had nothing to say in his Defence. Guilty . Death .

Charles Orchard , was a second Time indicted for breaking and entering the House of Philip Lermit , and stealing a Fustian Coat, a Fustian Waistcoat, three Frize Coats, three Frize Jackets, sixteen Yards of Frize, five Yards and a half of German Serge, and nine Yards of Flannel Baize, in the Night-Time , January 10 . Acquitted .

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