Charles Orchard.
16th February 1737
Reference Numbert17370216-22

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24. Charles Orchard , of St. George's Middlesex , was indicted for assaulting Elizabeth Elly , in the King's Highway, putting her in Fear, &c. and taking from her 2 s. 5 d. Oct, 26 .

Eliz. Elly. On the 26th of October, between 7 and 8 at Night, I went into a Shop over-against the Danes Church in Rag-Fair , for a Halt-penny Candle, and a half-pen'orth of Small Beer. The Prisoner stood in the Shop, and see me take 2 s. 5 d. in Change of a Half-Crown. There was two Fellows in Company with him, but I did not observe them to come near me: The Prisoner follow'd me out of the Shop, with a Trowel in his Hand, and he knock'd me down, and then struck me with his Trowel; one of my Fingers was so chopp'd, that I was obliged to go into the Hospital, and have it cut off. When he had me down, he took away the 2 s. 5 d. I am positive the Prisoner is the Man, for I observ'd him in the Shop, with his Trowel, and there was a Lamp just by the Place where he attack'd me.

Q. How came the Prisoner to be taken?

Elly. I was coming by a Watch-house and saw him: I knew him, and challeng'd him directly.

George Holderness . I was drinking at the Standard in Rag-Fair, and one Harris told me he had receiv'd Information concerning three Men, who had been robbing on the Highway: At his Request I went with him to search for them, at a House where Thieves are entertain'd, by Well-street; there we found the Prisoner, and three other Fellows.

Q. How came you to suspect the Prisoner?

Holderness. Mr. Harris was directed there, and one of the Men made himself an Evidence against the rest. The Prisoner struggled when we took him, and fought, and would not go along, but after a few Blows were exchang'd, we got him to the Justice's, and the other Man informing against the Prisoner for House-breaking, he was committed to Newgate. When we had got him to Jail, he desired me to call upon him, after I had lodged the Evidence in New Prison: I did so, and he begg'd I would desire Justice Farmer to permit him to be an Evidence, for says he, I can hang five Men, and can knock down the other Evidence, because he has not put all the Robberies in his Information, that I was concern'd in: I committed a Robbery says he, between Rag-Fair and the Tripe-house, and he has mentioned nothing of that.

James Warrener . To prevent Harris's appearing against the Prisoner, they have got a Woman to swear the Peace against him, and have taken him into Custody. The Prisoner was brought before Justice Farmer the 27th of Jan. I am his Clerk. This is an Information (producing a Paper) against the Prisoner for breaking open a House in Ratcliffs Highway. He confess'd he robb'd this Woman, and he fell down upon his Knees and ask'd her Pardon: he own'd he robb'd her, and chopp'd off her Finger with his Trowel, and he produc'd the Trowel at the same Time: The Woman knew him again, and this is the Trowel, I can swear to it.

Prisoner. She told her Landlady, that she fell down and cut her Finger with the Pitcher: All these People swear only for the sake of the Reward. Guilty . Death .

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