David Jenkins, Thomas Stafford.
8th December 1736
Reference Numbert17361208-62

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80, 81 David Jenkins , and Thomas Stafford , were indicted for breaking and entering the House of George Dalby , and stealing a Wooden Till, value 12 d. and 6 Guineas, a half Guinea, and 3 l. in Money , Oct. 13 .

Ann Dalbey , October the 13. The Iron Pin was taken out, and the Wooden Bar of my Cellar Window was pull'd down, and I was robb'd of my Till, from under the Counter.

- Jessup. I was concerned in this Robbery, with the 2 Prisoners, Oct. 13. between 7 and 8 at Night. We thought if we got in at the Shop Door we should be taken, so got the Pin out of the Cellar Window, which opens in the Shop under the Counter, and got in that Way. Jenkins went in, and Stafford shut to the Cellar Door, till he came out again: he took out the Till, and came out the Way he went in; but a Boy (seeing him put the Money in his Bosom,) cry'd out stop Thief, upon which we all ran away, but the next Day I was taken. They had all the Money, and I had not a Farthing of it.

Nicholas Welch . I saw Jenkins run up the Road with the Till in his Hand, he put some of the Money in his Bosom, but the Half-pence he put in his Cap; then he attempted to throw the Box over a Brick-wall, but it struck against the Wall, and flew back into the Road; I took it up, and here it is. I know Jenkins very well, and saw his Face very plain by the Lamps

Stephen Cull . I was standing at my Door, within 15 Yards of the House, and I saw Jessup and Stafford run away, and hearing presently that Mr. Dalby was robb'd, he and I went after them, but could not find them that Night. Next Morning we went upon the Search again, and in Monmouth-street, we saw them together and took them, he would give no Account where Jenkins was, but I thought, he might be at a House in Brick-Street, that harbours Thieves, and there I found him.

Sarah Gardiner . I saw them all three together that Night, and I took Notice of them, for while I was in the Shop, they came in for a Two-penny Loaf

Constable. Jessup confess'd the Fact before the Justice, and Jenkins said he was nail'd now, if he could get no Body to say, he was playing at Skettles at this Time. Both Guilty , Death .

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