Jane Cooper.
8th December 1736
Reference Numbert17361208-10

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10. Jane Cooper , of Heston, Middlesex , was indicted, for that she being big with a Female Bastard Child, by the Providence of God, did bring forth the said Child alive; and she the said Jane not having the Fear of God before her Eyes, &c. on the said Child so born alive, did, with both her Hands, make an Assault, and in a certain Linnen Cloth, value 1 d. the said Child did wrap, by Reason of which wrapping the said Child was then and there choaked and strangled; of which choaking and strangling it there died . November 8 .

Anna Maria Margaritta Church. Mary Eldridge told me she had a Bundle left her by the Prisoner, and she was offended with the Smell of it. I thought, as the Prisoner was a Servant to a Butcher , she might have bundled up a Joint of Meat, and so I advised Eldridge not to conceal it: So it was carry'd to Heston Church House, and I was by when it was opened. There was in the Bundle a Shift and some Aprons, and a colour'd Apron next the Child, which was a Female, and which the Prisoner own'd to have been hers. She confess'd she had given Eldridge the Bundle to keep for her, and had ordered her to let no Body see it.

When she was going before Justice Bulstrode, I asked her if she had made a Provision for it, and she said, No, she had not, for she concealed it, and intended it should be concealed.

Q. Did you ask her if it was born alive?

Church. She said it was not born alive; she had made no Preparation for it, and that no Body knew any thing of it but her self.

Mary Eldridge . Last Monday was three Weeks, the Prisoner sent for me, by an old Man, and told me she was going away from her Place, and desired me to take a Bundle to keep for her, (whereof) I did: She took it from under a Settle, and it was sew'd up; when she delivered this Bundle to me, she desired that no Body might see, or meddle with it. I thought it had been her own wearing Cloaths, so I put it up on the

Head of my Bed, and there it lay till the Thursday following. I discovered it by the Stink that came from it, and acquainted my Neighbours with it; we thought it smelt like stinking Meat, so it was open'd, and we found something in it all over Maggots, Filth, and the like; then we open'd it farther, and found a Female Child. We acquainted the Officers, and they sent for the Prisoner to an Alehouse, who there own'd she was deliver'd of a still born Child by herself, at George Greenwood 's, where she liv'd. The Child's Arm was broke and its Skull too, and the Face of it was very much mortify'd, which might be occasioned by its having been so long dead.

Elizabeth Hutchins , Midwife. I was sent for by the Parish Officers to view the Child; it was at its full Growth full nail'd, and had Hair on its Head; it was very much maul'd, the Arm and the Skull were broke; and as to the Face it had none; no Eyes nor Nose, and the Skull was clasp'd one Part over the other; I cannot say whether that might happen without Violence or not, but the Arm was broke between the Shoulder and the Elbow; perhaps the clasping of the Skull one Part over the other, might be occasioned by her wrapping it up so close together.

Defence. The Child was still-born, and never was alive in this World. I was delivered of the Child in my Service where I liv'd, and I call'd out, but nobody heard me, so as all was over and the Child was dead, I did not think of telling any Thing about it. Guilty . Death .

She was indicted likewise on the Coroner's Inquest for the said Murder, and found guilty.

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